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    Serbu BFG-50A 50 BMG with Nightforce NXS 5.5 - 22 X 56 scope, wanted to start shooting out to a 1000 meters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis264 View Post
    Serbu BFG-50A 50 BMG with Nightforce NXS 5.5 - 22 X 56 scope, wanted to start shooting out to a 1000 meters

    That's pretty cool. I've always wanted an M82, but this is the closest we're going to get, appearance-wise.

    You should be able to reach out to 1,000 with .308 and 6.5cm without that much difficulty, I've done it with a $700 savage, but it will definitely be a lot easier with a 50.

    That being said, you will find difficulty hitting 1,600m+ if you're using $hit ammo in your 50 (American Eagle/Federal).

    My 50:

    Some of my other stuff:

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    PGWDTI Coyote in .260 Rem @ the 2018 BCRA Precision Rifle Championships.

    J.S.A. Tactical........Custom Cordura Shooting Bags & Accessories..........Check us out on Facebook:

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    Same gun as post #201 but I got jealous of all the Cadex chassis and had to buy one. Cadex Tactical.

    I picked up the chassis and had to put it together right away. The scope rings were to low so I took the front rail off and did some shooting.
    I got some new higher rings and put it all back together with the front rail attached.

    I love the chassis, it looks great and the thing is built like a tank. The only draw back is the weight, it works good for this rifle because it was built heavy but the Cadex is not a weight saver.

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