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    A left wing view.

    I'm sure have all heard the news of a white police officer that just recently shot a black man in the United States. Not to take away from this tragedy but I happened to be listening to CBC radio this morning and there was a woman on the line that was talking about the general attitude of police officers from the people in Canada. The opinion was that generally we as Canadians respect our police. Agreed.

    On the other hand she also did ask listeners not to make the mistake of judging all police officers from the action of a few that have put themselves above the law. Essentially saying don't judge or make opinions on the actions of a few bad apples. In this case the officers.

    If you apply the same reasoning about firearms then we shouldn't have a problem. Unfortunately this is not the case. It is easy to put restrictions on legal gun owners when the problems with firearms are from the illegal gun owners. Not everyone should pay for the actions of a few bad apples.

    If we use left wing views should we all hate cops. Should we hate all Muslims because there are a few that are bad apples. Seems silly to put tighter gun control in place because of a few bad apples.

    Just be atching this morning. Food for thought though. For the record I don't hate Muslims and I don't hate cops.

    I'll stick with the right wing view. Put stricter laws in place for criminals. Laws that make sense. Not putting in tighter gun control because of some whack job that didn't take their meds regularly.

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    I think it's silly that the people enforcing the laws that are supposed to benefit our population, is not subjected to the same law.
    If it's good enough for me to be forced to live by, it's good enough for an officer to live and work by.

    Generally, canadians seem to fear police more than respect them. From my experience. And do not hate the individual officers, but the system that places them above us.
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    I think the main difference in the mind of a liberal is that the police are positive, because that's who's going to be protecting their 'entitlements' if the public ever gets unruly.

    Whereas armed public are negative because we're probably the ones who'll be coming after them

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