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    HOW TO: SKS-AR Mag Adapter Install Guide & Pics.

    We wanted to let you know, these Mag adapters are available on our website now, HERE. We wanted to do a AR-SKS Mag Adapter Install Guide & Pics to help everyone out. We will do a video after the weekend, but wanted to post a guide for all those who already have one to install. Here is a conversion, step by step:

    First we Make sure the gun is UNLOADED! Remember the ACTS & PROVE? Remove some metal from the front of the receiver for clearance, shown is one side done, the other untouched:

    Both sides done, note how the front is cut almost to the bevel:

    Next, see those trigger bars? we need to shorten them to clear the new mag:

    Ta Da.....

    Test fit the mag to make sure there is clearance:

    You will also need to shorten the bolt hold open device by about 2-3 mm:

    Then trim the front silver mount to fit your gun, I mark it with a sharpie, then trim:

    Install & test, the bolt hold open should work, it should drop free:

    Open up your stock to clear & hit the range, or 3 gun....

    NOTE, you can still use your original factory mag or any aftermarket detachable mags still after this conversion, the adapter just pops out!
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    Hey, that doesn't look too tough.

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    Will you be including the machining dimensions with the purchase of an adapter? How much depth is required on the front of the reciever for starters.
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