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Necropost much? Sounds like you have an early Gen 1 gun. Good friend of mine has a newer one, shoots the hell out of it and no complaints.
Nope, its a gen 2. They took it back for repairs and sent it back to me in even worse condition with an "out of spec" firing pin.

Here is the bigger picture:

The ordering process was absolutely horrible. I had to resend them the same order form again and explain to them what the order form says (no really, I had to). They still got my order wrong!! I had to copy and paste the same order form I submitted to them to get them to give me the third magazine that I had paid for.

Finally got the firearm and hoped that the nightmare was over, not the case. Aside from sending poor quality NEA magazines over the promised XCR magazines, the firearm failed to fire 15% of all ammunition attempted. Firearm was sent back to NEA for repairs and I again hoped the NEA nightmare was over, not the case.

Received the item back again with the same issue, and more. The firearm completely failed. A month of emails go by and I have to resubmit a new warranty form for them to send a new firing pin which they claim "You may have received a out of spec tolerance firing pin"

Working with NEA has been more than frustrating. I can't tell which is worse, the customer service or the actual firearm.

Avoid NEA at all cost.