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Thread: Type 81...

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    With the stories now of bent receivers or barrel trunnions on a few examples, I'm less inclined to berate myself for missing out.

    Maybe if they get cheaper.

    Or if Emnem does...

    Though I'm honestly more excited about the prospects for 1 to 3 NR AR pattern U Build Its coming to market next year
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    Quote Originally Posted by DILLIGAF View Post
    Yup thats me
    You know you are a real operator when you have a perfectly good pistol and AR on you, and yet you are slaying your foes with their own weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by infidel29 View Post
    Glad I stuck with my 58 then instead of grabbing one.
    They both are cool for different reasons, they are 2 completely different rifles. This is why I own 6 different X39 guns. Saying my Cz858 is my go to X39 doesn't make the Type 81 any less fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pariegh View Post
    You know you are a real operator when you have a perfectly good pistol and AR on you, and yet you are slaying your foes with their own weapon.
    Unfortunately you cant seriously train with the Type 81, But its still lots of fun when taking a break during class. Should add battlefield pickup to my next training

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    adrielm's little review on the 81 has me looking at it in a more favorable light.
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    We managed to get some time to modify & play around with a T81, so here it is: Hogue AK grip, a modified Zhukov AK forend, Hical slotted handguard, Modified Magpul AK mags. We will tinker some more, but here is what we have come up with so far.....We will modify our AK mags for you or send yours to us to modify. Let us know what you think!

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    Yeah, I still want to pick up a T81 at some point.
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