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    Quote Originally Posted by glockfan View Post
    i've bookmarked the radioworld online store and browsed through out their catalog.

    i'm tempted.

    i'd like to get a shtf set up .something i could rely on to hear everything going on across the whole planet
    if ever the sh** actually hit the fan for real ....problem for me is, i'm totally clueless when it comes to electronics and such things.

    what would i need as quality equipement to get me started in a serious manner ?
    Honestly the antenna is the most important part. Radio tech may have changed over the decades, but RF propagation (who radio signals travel) is physics and of course hasn't changed. If you have a good antenna then any working amateur radio, whether it is brand new or 20 years old will suit your needs well.
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    not far enough

    Have a browse through this listing, it's the most popular one in Ontario

    edit - There's an ICOM 7100 available, good multiband rig with a small footprint
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