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    I'd like to add my 2 cents here because I have actually shot one (.243) and thought it would be a great option for someone wanting to shoot in PRS, F-TR or F-O comps. The barrel and stock was solid, but I found the trigger lacking. Wait! What is this? Timney makes an aftermarket trigger for the RPR? Yay! All said and done it is no custom rifle, but it is good to go, out of the box.

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    Thoughts on the Ruger Precision Rifle?

    Thanks for all the replies....Iím going to perform CPR and bring this thread back from the light!!!

    I held off purchasing one last year to give me some time to really think about it. Also, I have a Savage 10BA in 308 I wanted to give an honest chance.

    In the end, while I love the Savage and it shoots great I not only want a want a ďbackupĒ but I want another rifle I can bring when one of my close friends comes who canít afford to shoot. In addition, I want to get far more experience under my belt before going custom....I just donít know enough right now.

    I am going out likely tomorrow to get an RPR but I am now trying to decide between another 308 due to availability and cost of ammo or 6.5. Currently I am leaning towards 308 as I always have the option of a barrel swap to convert it to 6.5 later if ammo becomes more available and I get to the point where my skills can handle more distance......thoughts?

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    Stick with the 308 n spend the money on optics.
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    Are you talking about the Nightforce SHV F1 4-14? With the Ruger precision in 308 you should have no problem shooting out to 1000 yards. Check out Snipers Hide on YouTube and search Nightforce SHV scope review.

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