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    The sideroad by my property is lined with feral apple trees, so I got UNLIMITED reactive targets come late summer and fall.
    Can't help wasting a buttload of .22 on them.
    Have to admit, pistol caliber carbines and slug shotguns are just awesome for vaporizing the bigger groceries!!

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    He's looking for the plum sauce.

    "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes an act of rebellion."
    - George Orwell

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    I was listening to to an old guy at the Parksville range rant about Albertan immigrants with their Glocks and SKSs going through thousands of rounds "just to make noise" and how they don't take care of their guns, and how that kind is taking over the club.

    It doesn't seem to enter his mind that their finances are none of his business, and that they are the reason the club is still there. I don't go to that range because it's only 100yd and useless to me anyway.

    Reminds me of muscle car owners who extremely hate sake-burning rice rockets or bowhunting/flyfishing snobs. If it weren't for up and coming new sportsmen, your sport would be extinct.

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    moved close to the lake.Some call it Gilford.
    Tomatoes and eggplants. When they come into season you cant give them away. No way I can eat them all either.
    cookin' up a batch of fun (and pasta)

    Can I Hear A Ramen!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire1 View Post
    Proper plum sauce contains plums, garlic, onion, ginger, soy sauce, and chili sauce. Store bought plum sauce has extra crap. Same as there is grape juice in most apple juices in the store.
    I think you got er backwards, as I drink a ton of grape juice boxes here at the work camp, the grape juice boxes all contain apple juice.
    Apple juice seems to be the base for most of them.

    I can't bring myself to shoot a watermelon. Mmmmm.

    I shoot the tannerite knockoffs if I want a reaction.
    the wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept

    Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies. - H.L. Mencken

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    Be like Rooster Cogburn and shoot corn dodgers. You western movie lovers will know what I mean =)

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    I shoot these as reactive targets, but they are not really food anyway- and they have a mounting holein the center.
    "If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

    Trudeau Out Now!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by infidel29 View Post
    Be like Rooster Cogburn and shoot corn dodgers. You western movie lovers will know what I mean =)
    Rooster who Chen Li?
    We're kin cuz we shoot! What we shoot, and what we shoot at, shouldn't matter!

    "The worst an honest man can do is make an honest mistake" ~ Augustus McCrae
    There is no Justice...SUNRAY Lives

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3MTA3 View Post

    but they are not really food anyway
    Them's fightin words !!!
    Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons; For you are crunchy. And good with Mustard!

    "A new broom sweeps clean, but only a battle-trowel can hide the bodies" - Foxer describing Blacksmithden

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    But they have real cheddar cheese! Unlike the original Cheez-its.

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