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    Quote Originally Posted by triq View Post
    Time to k!CK their @sses to the curb.

    But that's so mean, and mean is un-Canadian. Every party should have an Equal Time Leading (tm), and every party should win each election with a majority. In this age of cloud computing, for a few dollars a month we should be able to spin up a province for each party to run. However, legally, I've been informed that it's constitutionally difficult to have 30 million provinces in Canada, but fortunately however there is no constitutional limit on virtual provinces. I propose that justin spend $30 billion on virtual reality software, to simulate Canada, to reduce any withdrawl that Wynne might suffer if she were unable to buy an election the traditional way.
    The challenge of modernity is to live without illusions and without becoming disillusioned.

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    What's the main deficiency with the Ontario Conservative Party?

    In BC the Liberal Party has been pretty corrupt since 2008, but the only opposition is the NDP, and the Liberals stay in to keep the NDP out.

    BC has a Conservative Party wracked by perpetual internal strife which can't even hold a seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulchaser View Post
    The majority of the 29% are no doubt public sector union members.
    Theirs 1 million public service employees in Ontario alone.

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