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    Action starts this will have meaning and be back to normal now.....

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    Yep , once Daytona hits , then I know that spring is not far off . We can certainly feel the heat in the sun already......YIPPIEEE !!!!
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    My favourite racing series is MotoGP, but that doesn't mean I'm automatically against all things red neck.

    I love watching demo derby and monster trucks with my kids, but the problem with NASCAR is not even the going in circles part, but that they're going in MASSIVE circles.

    The tracks are just far too large when you're there in person. I much prefer local small-track stuff, where you can see the entire track from your seat.

    The local place in NB has a series of 4-bangers only, but not even good ones; all sh!tty ones like a 95 Neon or a 92 Sunbird; you're not allowed to have anything new, nice, or modified in any way. And that is the most fun series to watch because they're so slow you can actually grasp everything that's going on, even though they're racing.

    With faster cars, either the track is too small and they never have a chance to open up, or the track is big enough for them to open up but then it's too big to see the whole track.

    I haven't done drag racing yet with the kids, though, that's next.
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    I went to a Nascar race in Las Vegas, that was an awesome experience. I also got to drive in a "Richard Petty Driving Experience" is Orlando, that was worth every expensive penny!

    My only problem with Nascar now is that Brian France is a trump supporter!

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    I only spectate sports with relevant application to my life.

    My wife likes cooking; she observes cookoffs. My father sails; he follows Omega and America's Cup. I attend shoots at local ranges to watch and learn.

    While I see merit to drivers watching motorsports, in my opinion it's too far removed from reality to bear on choices I might make. Amateur sporting events are much more relevant to my level of participation.

    I get especially confused by hockey fans who can't even skate.

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