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    FOOD!!! no need,,, your going on the Guinness diet

    Breakfast - pint of Guinness
    Lunch - pint of Guinness
    Supper - pint of Guinness x until your full

    and for a bit of variety try some of the local whiskey
    no ice or coolers needed
    Semper Alacer
    always vigilant

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    Sounds like a fishing trip to me ^^^
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    Hey Den have you seen this? 100's of places to eat along the trent.
    The challenge of retirement is how to spend time without spending money.
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    Drop a dry bag in the water. Instant cooler. Tow behind or alongside boat.

    Also, get some hard cheeses and meats from the old school Italian deli. No refrigeration needed. Farm eggs don't need refrigeration either.

    And I think it's country cured ham. No refrigeration needed, hack off, eat. Cook if you like warm. Used on trip in States. Know a few places will ship to Canada if you can't find up here.

    Order online and ship to pappy's place one week before departure. And there may be a grocery delivery service. Deliver before trip, maybe along way as well for restocking.

    Meat, cheese, eggs. No refrigeration needed. What else you need?

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    Its dennis. He will wind up towing a barge with naval cannon mounted on it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigrr View Post
    Hey Den have you seen this? 100's of places to eat along the trent.
    No. I hadn't seen that page. Thank you !! One thing I know from living on the bay. All of these places are mom and pop operations and they have a habit of making up their hours of operation as they go along. If it's slow, they just close for the night. Great for lunches and breakfast though. Lol. I'll study that in detail later. Thanks again.
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