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    Aside from ol'skippy the wonder chimp getting a second term in office, I think ww3 is the biggest threat this planet faces. I have a hard believing that things will just keep on keepin on, and at some point some one won't push the big red button. Putin, china, north korea, Trump...not a good mix folks...somethings gotta give.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacksmithden View Post
    My biggest fear for Canada is that our debt is finally going to get called in and that everybody is going to take a huge haircut on their savings. If we continue on the road we're on, we're going to wake up one morning to find that the government has just cut the value of our currency by half. Can you imagine being a retired senior in Ontario, trying to pay your utility bills if the actual cost out of your pocket suddenly doubled overnight ? I want my debt paid off once and for all. After that, a major chunk of my savings will be kept in physical precious metals.

    My biggest fear is that, that doesn't happen... Instead due to the political/social ramifications of a huge economic collapse/great depression scenario we turn into some quasi-totalitarian state. It's the straw that breaks the camels back, we get forced onto the new digital currency that they can manipulate/adjust/control to keep all the classes of citizens somewhat occupied/distracted working some measly job for "life credits" that they can then spend for shit, you combine that with all the big data analytic, goods and services target marketed to each social class so they can spend their "life credits" accordingly and keep the whole cycle going. It's like slavery but without the ball and chain.

    So we become this huge totalitarian communist government surveillance state that appears to be first world free on the surface.

    Kind of like a mix of a few dystopian future movies.

    Logan's Run (1976)
    Soylent Green (1973)
    In Time (2011)
    Minority Report (2002)
    Demolition Man (1993)
    I, Robot (2004)
    Idiocracy (2006)

    and a few others.

    If you see what's going on right now, the framework has already been laid and it's full steam ahead.

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    Anyone watching Colony on Netflix? I'm only a couple episodes in, but interesting apocalyptic take.

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