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Thread: Sig MPX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brordo View Post
    From the manuf? I doubt it...but you could always have a smith make/change the barrel for you...maybe Herron? This is just my opinion...
    I don't think you really need a gunsmith to change the barrel for you. Looks like it's 2 torx bolts after you pull the handgard off.

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    Great that you can swap it out yourself, but you still need someone to build a barrel and chamber it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brordo View Post
    Looks like the fighting has started...MDC posted a letter (on the other site) from Sig Canada denouncing IRG for unauthorized sales...I wonder if it will impact my purchase? Wait and see I guess...
    It won't.

    I wrote a whole thread on that matter, got deleted cause apparently they think I was promoting IRG which is a non-paying sponsor or "dragging board wars".

    The best way to understand it is this. Read up on the whole Can vs USA pricing for vehicles, the games the GM corporate office and Canadian dealers play. Replace GM with any Canadian firearms distributor and cars with guns. It's literally the same thing.

    Third party importers like Aztech are simply U.S. based retailers that have a Canadian FBL and a U.S. FFL so they can do direct exports, they still have to buy their stock off a U.S. based distributor.

    Yet somehow with already an extra hand in the pot they can retail sale items to the public cheaper than the price Canadian retailers can buy them from Canadian distributors. So much fail here. Two reasons for this, either the Canadian distributors are hosing Canadians retailers and so forth or the manufacture is being a piece of crap and instituting Canadian only pricing/minimum advertised pricing that their distributors have to uphold to pad their profits.

    Either way, screw all of that. Buy through third party importers like Aztech. Buy your cars from U.S. dealerships. If Canadian business can't keep up without artificially high pricing/price fixing they deserve to go under. The fact that they're using scare tactics that are almost identical to the tactics Canadian car dealers were using when people were buying cars from the U.S. a few years ago proves to me that this is all bullcrap.

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    5 round magazine makes me sad. Such a nice looking gun! Hopefully Canuck will let me drop...I mean shoot, his.

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