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    ^Hmmm, I can appreciate what you're saying. There are more than a handful of know nothing 'instructors" out there, but I don't believe this is where I picked this habit up from(these type instructors can be identified a mile off).
    Boolets may be on to something when he points to the original design and intentions. I believe half cock to be a 'safety' feature incorporated from revolvers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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    No need to store a 1911 any way other than hammer fully forward.

    The 1911 also has an inertial firing pin where even if hammer down on a loaded chamber the firing pin tip does not even touch the primer of the chambered cartridge.

    I remember an article in Gun Digest years ago entitled "Safety Pins" discussing just this. A blow on a fully forward hammer will not discharge a chambered cartridge. So they wrote anyway.
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    Conversely, the TT-33 has a positive firing pin where if the hammer is down the pin is at full protrusion, making that pistol about as safe as a traditional single action revolver.
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