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    Mini 14 5-round mag floor plate

    Ordered from shapeways, which I guess is a 3d printing company who sell 3d printed items based on your designs.
    Anyways, I got a couple to try out on my 5rd magazines, pretty cheap feeling for the price(way over priced) but seem pretty solid.

    I'd be OK with my purchase, but they're not functional!
    They'll replace your floor plate but do not clip in like the factory ones will. So they just slide around.
    So, before someone makes my mistake all over again - there you have it. Don't buy these thinking they'll be a good drop in replacement.

    Now, I don't think I'll be returning them. I think with some filing, I can make them clip in and with a hole drilled(needed for removal)
    in the same place as the factory floor plate - make them as functional as they should of been in the first place.
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