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    Lee Enfield is all I can say...

    Sorry very bias towards them...

    For a frist gun, buying used is a good idea. Cheaper pricing and the ability to wheel and deal.

    However, I would say a SKS in a Tapco stock from the Firearms Outlet is a good buy.

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    I think you can take all suggestions, but in the end, the choice will be about what you like, what drives you to take up shooting, what means something to you. For some people it is finding a firearm that is similar to the first one they used with their Dad. For some, it is about the blast of shooting. For others, it is about the technical discipline of competitive shooting. For others again, it is about collecting and enjoying the experience and intricacies of each firearm they own.

    In my experience, if there is a toss up between two firearms, it isn't really a choice about which one you will buy, but which one you will buy first. Curiosity will pull you in, eventually.

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