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    Czech VZ52 7.62x45 value

    Hi All

    I am looking to sell my VZ 52 in the original 7.62x45.
    Something else has REALLY caught my eye, and I have to sell this in order to get it.

    It is an SHE factory rifle made in 1956

    Any help in finding the current value would be greatly appreciated.
    Not too many of them for sale right now. I have found one but have no idea if the price is accurate or out to lunch

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    You sure don't see those every day.
    Why does the rest of the country get first dibbs on half my income?

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    I have seen the VZ 52/57 for sale from $650 to $1100, but IMO the 52/57 is more desirable due to availability of ammo. Unless you have a supply of 7.62 x 45, then it's pretty much just a wall hanger. I'd like to grab a 52/57 in the near future myself. It's a handsome looking rifle.

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    There is one on collector source for $795, and it comes with 100 rds ammo.

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