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    Quote Originally Posted by BCGUY12 View Post
    Don't be surprised to get an invoice in the mail from BC Minister of Finance for the PST. Legally you are required to pay the PST on all taxable goods brought into BC. If you buy it in AB and have the store ship it to you in BC they are required to charge you the PST and send it to the BC gov't. If you bring it in you are required to send the PST in yourself. BC and Feds cooperate whenever they can in identifying unpaid PST. I recently bought a sailboat privately and had to register it Federally, Feds provide BC with registration info on BC residents so they sent me a $1200 PST tax bill. A friend had the same thing with a small private airplane he bought in Calgary and brought to BC. Not sure if they do this with gun registrations but I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
    I'm an accountant (CPA,CGA) and former Accounting Professor so have some knowledge in this area. ;-)
    If I understand correctly, anyone from a province with PST is supposed to remit the PST for all out of province purchases; Orville expects Ontario residents to do just that. However, I have yet to hear of anyone who purchased a firearm from a business in another province and who was not billed the PST by the retailer, be chased down for it here in Orville's workers taxation paradise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCGUY12 View Post
    No, you don't collect BC Tax if sale is made in AB (regardless of where the buyer resides) but if shipped directly from store to an address in BC, the BC PST is supposed to be charged to the customer and sent to BC Finance.
    I thought that only applied to HST provinces. PST was just within the province. Maybe I am mistaken?

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    Well back to the original topic here.
    If you purchase a restricted and live more than "a reasonable distance" from the store you can call the CFO and tell them where you bought it and are driving it back. They are SUPPOSED to basically do it while you wait and will send the Notice of Transfer to the store or email it to you. You then need a STATT (because the one attached to your licence only covers your home province) to transport it as far as the AB/BC border. You do not have to wait for the registration as your ATT covers picking it up from the place of acquisition to your home address. I KNOW because I have done this several times.
    I don't know how quick the BC office is but I know just a regular transfer from a store in AB typically takes less than 24 hrs anyway.
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