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    I find the mono works great if you are on a bench.
    Bag if prone, but the mono stays on, just folded.

    buy a decent monopod and give it a shot, you can find them used for anywheres between $60-$80... I just got a new Accushot for $90 shipped.

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    Have and have used both, bag preferred. Using monopod, rifle jumps around a lot, once monopod is adjusted successive shots seem to require readjustment often, even though I tighten it down as hard as I can. Unless you get monopod back into the EXACT same spot on the bench or ground the previous shots adjustment will be off for next shot. Adjust,Adjust, Adjust..... With a bag you have the full range of motion by squeezing or releasing pressure. If you happen to get your finger stuck between monopod and cement bench...... yikes ! lol

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