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    Quote Originally Posted by Stew View Post
    hmmm, electric vehicles
    think ya might need a couple panels and likely a couple batteries to replace this container ship motor
    .. and the oil filter is probably behind the ring gear.

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    not far enough
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruff View Post
    I need someone to explain to me where the electricity for this radical shift to only having electric cars is going to come from. It's like 99% of people have this childish assumption that electricity always just appears at the outlet when you stick a plug in, it's just like taxes or gun control. Are we going to burn coal to get it, go back into nuclear or what? Magic?
    It's very simple:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Buttered cat videos

    The original commercial and 5.3 million views
    Flying Horse - Gatorrada (Cat-Toast)
    1 minute
    [it's one of those things everyone should see in their lifetime; also the mouse bench press video but that's another url]

    Buttered Cat Perpetual Motion (cartoon)
    [don't watch]
    1.5 minutes

    Buttered Cat Paradox
    [We're drifting into "stop sending me cat videos" territory]
    3 minutes
    Demonstrates how to "You'll take your cat, your buttered toast and your nail, and you're simply going to lightly tap the nail through the toast into the cat"
    Throws cat several times. Unable to find the buttered toast has effect on the cat.

    AMAZING!!! Buttered cat paradox MUST SEE!!!
    [It's not Amazing, nor is it a must see. But you know, hey]
    47 seconds
    Cat does spin in this one.

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