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    WTH is a snozberry?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HeavyMetalJon View Post
    Hi guys. Sorry if its been discussed, ive used the search and skimmed the 20 pages, but i can't find an answer to this.

    Ive got a buddy who has a ten year weapons ban. He wants to come to the range for some plinking but isnt sure if hes allowed.

    For sure he cant buy or own any firearms but can he use mine for plinking. I'll be standing right there. At arms length as per range rules when a non p.a.l. guest accompanies a p.a.l. certified shooter to the range.

    what do you think?
    Have your buddy read the ban, or you read it to him. Then, he can decide if he wants to chance a jail term.
    Two vicious lies undergird that stinking pile of excrement that passes for firearms law and regulation in Canada.

    Some guns are too dangerous for you to have, and you don't "need" guns because you have police to protect you.

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