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    Quote Originally Posted by Justice View Post
    "...Squirrel seems to be great fun..." Yep, but tree rats in the bush are not like city tree rats. You'll be looking for tiny bits of them in tree crotches, on branches, etc. Not the whole rat frolicking on the ground.
    The fur is worthless.
    "...can have tularemia..." So can rabbits and your cat. As well as ticks, raccoons, skunks and beavers. The disease is very decidedly rare anyway.
    I don't have any cats, ticks or beavers. All the rest in the yard. In abundance.
    It's getting harder and harder to support the government in the style to which they have become accustomed. They need a lesson in manners and to be taught who serves who.

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    all i know is when they comes around the house to mess with my cable wiring......
    Quote Originally Posted by Forbes/Hutton View Post
    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.

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