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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizz Axxemann View Post
    I live in an apartment. If the boiler craps out in the dead of winter, the whole building is hooped. If the power is still on, I'll run the oven. If everything dies, well... Saddle up and head out to mom & dad's cabin, because what's going on at my place is probably going on at their house too.
    Our building used to run out of oil. No oil, no boilers. I think someone was stealing it. Before I moved, 2 water lines burst up above me. Then one next to me. Can only imagine the mold in it now.
    When the rich wage war, It's the poor who die.

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    And there she be. Got the all clear from the inspector tonight. The new stove is good to go. I've been lapping up the heat here in the basement all night. Without any fans going, I got upstairs up to 23C without any trouble at all. The air exchange up and down the stairs is pretty incredible to see when I do a few puffs on my vaporizer. 2 moving parts, both of which are pretty much bullet proof. If the furnace konks out or we have a long term power that s--t covered. Oh...and the ammo can is my ash can.

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    We're kin cuz we shoot! What we shoot, and what we shoot at, shouldn't matter!

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    I run 100% on wood heat, using a blaze king catalytic stove. What a great piece of hardware, I've squeaked out 30 hour burns with the damper right down, the cat really cuts the smoke down and keeps the chimney clean at low levels. This year I'm going to install an outdoor intake pipe to help balance the air pressure in the house.

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    Coleman dual fuel stove. It'll run on most anything. Look it up and read the reviews; worth having one on the shelf...........just in case. Just mpo.

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