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    You need a seal, whether female or male.

    The holder of a licence who has killed a moose, deer, bear or wild turkey shall,

    (a) immediately after the kill and at the site of the kill attach the seal provided with the licence or licence tag to the game wildlife in the manner indicated on the seal; and

    (b) keep the seal attached to the game wildlife while being transported and, in the case of wild turkey, keep the seal attached to the wild turkey until it is prepared for consumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linung View Post
    I wasn't talking about a validation tag. I was referring to the license tag, which cost money.

    Sorry if I confused you. Feel free to blame it on Trudeau.
    Hunting licenses do cost $$. IMO, wouldn't be so bad if the money actually went into a conservation fund like it was supposed to and was used for wetland preservation, big and small game habitat restoration, and Conservation Officers. But, my understanding is that the province has been siphoning off funds into the general treasury because of the debt.
    "Mr. Speaker, we really could replace Justin Trudeau with a cardboard cutout, and his peanut gallery wouldn't know the difference"

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