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    You sure do sound handy in fixing up that old rifle.

    Well, I have never seen an example as early as yours. All three of mine are micro groove rifling. According to an online source Marlin was granted patent on Micro-groove in 1953 and started using it shortly afterward.

    If the bore is good it should shoot just fine with normal rifling. As you can probably tell i am a fan of the micro-groove.

    I have two late examples with the squarish forend (Marlin called it semi-beavertail) and one early example with the round forend. I had to do a little work (nothing compared to what you undertook) on the early one: fit a new butt pad and fit a new bulls eye insert in the stock and file the heads smooth and reblue the takedown screw and the wood screw that attaches the magazine well plate as someone slipped like crazy and burred them up, and touched up with cold blue a couple spots on the barrel.

    Let me know how it shoots when you get time. That will be a perfect ATV carry gun that you will not cry if it gets a few nicks here and there. As I said my Dad, an older cousin back in the 60s and myself have lugged the original Model 80 around the farm a LOT and it was not marked up really that much. It was carried so much the bluing is completely worn from the mag well plate, and a lot of the bluing was worn off the barrel before Dad did the update in the 80s. I used to carry it all the time on the tractor in a heavy padded case zippered shut to keep the dust out. Imho it all depends on whether you respect guns or not in how you treat them. I show them all respect from a cheapo Mexican single shot to an expensive Annie in my collection.

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    Sounds good. I will do a range report when I make it out. Thanks.

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