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    From the CGN rumor mill:

    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeday
    Semi autos with detachable mags are about to get gonged.....prepare to be pissed off.
    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeday
    If you have an M305 you may want to consider finding some PVC housing for it.....leave room for your Tavor too.
    Quote Originally Posted by Strangeday
    I feel likes it only fair to mention that they were talking about limiting ALL magazines pistol and rim fire included to 5 rounds but then calmer heads prevailed.

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    New Gun Control - 2017 line item

    This is not surprising at all. Anyone who thought the Libs would leave us alone or at worst reverse C-42 are delusional. Like that CGN dude, I fully expect semis with pistol grips and removable magazines (aka "assault weapons") to be moved to the restricted category if they win a second term. That's my "at best" scenario.
    "Reality is being thrown out so a small number of people can feel good about themselves."
    - Neil Monroe


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    Quote Originally Posted by RangeBob View Post
    from elsewhere
    Dear Honourable Ralph Goodale, Right Honourable Justin Trudeau,

    As you know, your party has been losing support from almost every group that gave you your majority, and it's obvious that with the recent election of Mr. Singh, you'll be losing even more support from the far left and certain ethnic groups that you rely on for votes. This puts you in a bad spot.

    Furthermore, by once again using a horrific tragedy to advance your anti-gun/anti-freedom agenda, you aren't doing yourselves any favours. While some left-leaning folks do care about gun control, it's not a voting issue for them. They don't care enough about it to step away from the rest of your platform. The only people who base their votes on gun control are the millions of law abiding Canadian gun owners who believe in the right to life, liberty, and property.

    Firearms are already very heavily regulated in this country, and using this tragedy to further alienate and criminalize gun owners is unacceptable. You'd be surprised at how much support you could gain from classical liberals and people like myself, who are not necessarily conservative, but have to vote as such because we own guns.

    Step away from the anti-gun/anti-freedom agenda, go back to the days where the RCMP enforced the laws, rather than creating them, disassociate yourselves from the UN as much as possible, and try being liberal in the true sense of the word for once. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. You may actually win the upcoming election, but at this point, your chances seem slim.


    This is well written and gets right to the point
    reminds them who they work for and how they can be gone
    I think they know that and have treaded very lightly so far

    we all need to send them some thing like this
    and I don't care if Goodale threatens to tell the RCMP who is writing the letters
    like he did with the 22 mags
    I own restricteds they know who I am and where .... idiot
    which is proof positive the minister of public saftey has no idea what hes doing
    when it comes to firearms nor does his boss
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    "...RCMP policy..." This is the issue. Unelected civil servants being allowed to make any law. The rest of it is nothing more that harassment of law abiding voters.
    "...wait for more informed and intelligent federal/provincial gov'ts..." To do what? Mulroney promised to "fix the gun laws". He did too. Made 'em worse. Harper wasn't any better either. Made the stupid courses mandatory and did not stop unelected civil servants from making law. And the Provinces, Quebec included, have no jurisdiction.

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