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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertMcC View Post
    Uggh I don't have enough coffee to deal with this. Call it whatever you feel like calling yourself. But you never will be what people consider the east coast. Your from Ontario, next to the great lakes, not surrounded by the Atlantic ocean.
    I never said we were in an Atlantic Province.

    Sorry you cannot be as cool as us.
    That's a good thing.

    But having someone say drop by Tenda in Toronto when that still 15 hours away 2 province over. When I only went as far as NB. Give your head a shake.
    I know, right! Eh! I don't think Amazon even ships to the east coast anyway so it's all moot.

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    All this over a case trimmer.

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    I had no extra fees when I got my case holder and replacement part for my Lee die. Ordered both on Amazon and Ebay. From the states.
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    Thank you for your input.

    if a mod can close this.. it would be great. I think we are getting off topic and sliding toward the dark side.

    Thank you Rory for the trimmer suggestion. I think I will wait a bit for it to go on sale.

    I ordered the RCBS powder stand and jewelry cleaner instead.
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    try these 2 places, I have delt with both they are both good free shipping over $100.00 from London ON free shipping over $200.00, from London ON

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