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    Milsurps eh? Oh where to begin

    Mosins can be great guns, its mostly the elitist's who like to whine about them, surplus ammo still readily available at most vendors.

    Enfields are a must at some point, its a Canadian thing even if you don't get a longbranch. If you want to get in the club cheap, find a sporter for a couple hundred bucks either here or on CGN. Preferably with the barrel uncut if you plan on restoring it but mamy are great shooters as they sit. .303 is definitley a reloaders calibre, and Lee still makes their classic loader in .303 for under $50, then suddenly ammo becomes very affordable.

    I do love my K98, after a bit of shimming in the stock she's a tack driver at 200 yds. But yes, ammo is getting slightly more difficult to find. The odd crappy tire has some for $40-50 a box. Ugh. But most vendors in Ontario seem to habe it for about $30 a box, either PPU or S&B, both great euro ammo. I haven't reloaded for 8x57 yet but I imagine it'll happen soon. If you can't wait for a K98, find one on the EE. The few I've seen in stock at vendors are about $1k for russian capture.

    And sks's are always fun, just don't be an @$$ leaving metal casings everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome7500 View Post
    A lee enfield is a great place to start. By far the coolest milsurp in my opinion. I will probably die of old age with one. 303 is a reloader's caliber. Buying is about 30 bucks for 20

    Nothing wrong with a k98 except finding ammo. I don't even know where to look to find it. I would try to find a .308 conversion because will exist until we switch to laser. Israel, Chillie, and Spain have 308 conversions

    k31 are still around but you might want to get on it cause they don't last and the ammo is still around. Keep that brass since the supply will disappear at some point. Very cool guns, weird to use in my opinion but I hear they are deadly accurate

    Mosins are starting to go up in price. might want to snap one while they cost too much more. Ammo is not around as much as it once was but its out there

    SVT 40s are going fast as well and are very cool. Great way to laugh at americans cause the SVT is like finding a unicorn for them.

    These are your main milsurps. I would buy the one that you think is coolest that is not super common. Unless its and enfield, always rescue an enfield.
    PRVI and S&B are loading semi-reasonably priced ammo for a lot of the European military calibres. I've bought 8x56R, 6.5x55 and 7.5x55 off the shelf at the local Canadian Tire (an unusually well stocked one) all for under $30 a box. They also had stock of 303, 7x57 and 8x57 Mauser. You'all see them at a few of the online retailers too, like SFRC.
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    Yep,ya can't beat an SKS factory refurb. BUT purchase in person to get a really nice one.
    Carcano model41..italian... still can be found as-new factory refurbs,.
    Enfields......take someone who knows them so you don't get ripped off.....

    Like gun shows, there are a LOT of so called ''fellow shooters'' who are looking for a fast buck....and as for ''reloaded ammo'' unless its someone you really know and trust, stay away from it..... I acquired a really nice PORTUGUESE MAUSER,MODEL 1904 in 6.5 x 58 mm. took 2 years to find reloading dies... great rifle fun to shoot.... some guns are missing parts,so they sell cheap.... the fun is in ''finding'' the pieces... I have been at it for over 60 years.... good luck.
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