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    Remembered ATRS being snotty last year as well.

    Mac may have stolen a march on them, but they aren't delivering until at least then..

    I'll pick whomever seems to have the best features for what I want to spend. Compatibility with trigger packs is a plus. If it's tool-less takedown, that would be a plus.

    Now what's BCL up to....

    As for the AK-but-not-really-wink-wink. Mossberg Blaze 47 would suggest that's not a hill to try dying on, because you will probably succeed.
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    Slam Fire Radio Podcast is coming out this evening-- Maccabee's is on the latest episode to talk about this design. Your questions are all pretty much answered........ Episode will be posted by midnight tonight. (I will also post on the SFR (in media) thread as well when it is up).
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