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Just to get a sense of the scores, Mike and Shawn are shooting revolvers, Calvin & David are both shooting CZs iirc.
900 is the highest possible score. 90 rounds shot in a match.
So this includes a 50yrd round, with 6 prone, 6 sitting, and iirc 6 standing right hand barricade. There might be 6rnds left hand barricade but I'm terrible at trying to remember the course of fire.

Anyways you can see the match percentage of the autos being a good chunk lower than the revolvers. Likely missed shots from the 50yrds.
Every 10% is 9rnds if I math correctly, a possible 90 points missed out on. Min score on a hit is 7 iirc, so even just getting in a scoring zone is 63 points for those 9 rounds.
Calvin is in the mid 800s when shooting the same pistol in the duty match, which only goes to 25yrds. Same number of rounds fired.

I just wanted to illustrate the difficulty and the importance of the 50yrd rounds in ppc shoots.
Not picking on David or Calvin either, cause they know I sit right around that score on a good day.
Yeah It's going to be challenging. I was just screwing around, trying to figure out where It hits.

Probably 50/50 @ 25 and 50M. Nothing like aiming off target to hit left hand at 50.

Gotta practice the weak hand more.