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Thread: PPC Shooters

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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    We all sucks shooting. Been awhile since we did 20Y. I only came 3rd with a 932. 2nd was 938, 1st was a 939 LOL.
    When the rich wage war, It's the poor who die.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glockfan View Post
    Correct me if i'm wrong...isn't PPC the equivalent of IDPA?
    They're very different.

    Watch this video:

    Retired Maryland State Police Captain Jack McCauley speaking in the Maryland Senate for CCW reform:

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    holy crap....this revolver must weight a ton. i like the fully adjustable front sight , fact, this gun is probably one of a kind. trigger reset seems very,very short for a DA . barrel is super extra thick and after watching him shoot it , seems like it doesn't even move-muzzle flip at all lol.
    Originally Posted by shortandlong
    Wtf , It makes about as much sense as feathers on a trout!
    Quote Originally Posted by Forbes/Hutton View Post
    I was hoping he would show up and do something useful in front of the cameras. Like beat the flames out with his face.

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