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    Quote Originally Posted by Petamocto View Post
    Rory, thereís no to it than joules on target, though.

    Obviously everyone concedes shot placement matters, but up for discussion is whether multiple medium bullets is better than one large one (slug), and whether the Henry is a good choice.

    I canít really think of a better NR option that you can (sort of) fit in a holster.
    Me neither. Still unsure if it's a good idea but I can't find a NR that can be holster for easy access like the Henry Mare's Leg. Maybe it's a better idea to bring a short barrel shotgun and put it in the pack.

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    Behind a large rock.
    Wolf attacks are so rare you have more of a chance of a tree falling on you...

    Bears might have a go at you... might. Again it's a rarity. People are far too scared of the bush.

    I own a Rossi ranch hand in .44. I've got a proper Butt stock on mine and a normal sized lever... with the stupid stock they come with they are hard to shoot at best add a goofy holster and I can't think of a worse option for a defensive firearm. Far too heavy to be hanging off your hip.

    Out of a rifle the .44 mag is really a pipsqueak round... there are far better choices.

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    I have a 14" 12 gauge pump in a scabbard that I wear like a backpack for when I'm in situations where I want hands to be free and also want a firearm.

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