No spoilers if only because I only watched most of it last night and still have about 30 minutes to go. Filmed in 2015 the woods of Northern Ireland, the premise is that there has been some sort of total social collapse (apparently of sci-fi like origins) and a guy has been hiding out in an isolated cabin for 7 years. He has a tiny vegetable garden that supplies him with food and totes around a double barrel 12 gauge for which he has only 2 shells. An older woman and a gorgeous young woman find him and persuade him to feed them a meal as a trade for sex with the young woman. The plot proceeds from there. I don't know how many survival tips can be gleaned from this movie but it's interesting to spot flaws in the setup: two big things that struck me were the too-small size of the garden (but he says "It's small for a reason."), and the danger of operating a wood stove all night in his scenario- people would be alerted by the smell of smoke, surely. And he does get visited several times, maybe that's why.

Anyway, worth viewing for the 22 year old starlet alone (Mia Goth, quite a good actress), and like all such movies I found it provides food for thought. The following trailer doesn't quite do it justice somehow. The film has its moments.