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    yes to short mags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billythreefeathers View Post
    yes to short mags
    I will state that finding metal 10 round AR pistol mags are rare as hens teeth. I think I got the last two in Canada that I could find

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    I’d still like to know what you’re aiming for with the bipod.

    Totally your money to spend it how you like, and if it’s a dedicated bench gun then it makes sense.

    But if it’s a multi purpose gun or a tactical use gun, I’m not sold on the benefits of the added weight and cumbersome nature if you’re also moving with it, when you could just as easily rest it on the mag from the bench.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drache View Post
    So this is pretty much what I want to build. My own take on a Mk12 SPR

    18" barrel
    PRS stock
    14" RIS

    Not sure what pistol grip I'll go with. Wondering if I should go regular or on of those that have the rest on the bottom
    Good luck on your build, be thankful you're not building a spec-clone because that's a costly venture.

    My Mk12 Mod 1 clone:

    The 20" barrel is coming off in favour of the correct 18"

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