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    Rimfire acog clone?

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the cheap knock offs, and if they’re good enough for rimfire fun?

    And an inaccurate scope isn’t any fun.
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    Not a clone, but consider something like this if you want to spend less than the $1500 an ACOG needs:

    I've got the non-magnified Vortex Spitfire (1x) and it's awesome, but I'd love the 3x model.
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    I know someone was using an acog clone on a ar15 at the range. He said it was working surprisingly good.
    But a scope that will likely randomly break/stop functioning at some point isn't all that fun.
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    Ive used ACOG clones for a bit, quality varies, and so does the eye relief. I had one that was slightly crooked, but another one with 2" maybe eye relief. But the lens seem clear on them.
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