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    Quote Originally Posted by kennymo View Post
    I used to use #4 for duck, it would take a goose at somewhat less distance than the #2 I usually reserved for them.
    Same here. You don't usually get to pick what lands into the decoys, and if they do they're close and slow.

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    Local hunting regulations are Provincial and are irrelevant when it comes to migratory birds. That's covered by an international treaty between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. Mind you, Provincial hunting regulations follow the Migratory Bid Act anyway. All it says is no lead shot. It doesn't require steel.
    "...don't think #4 would bring a goose down..." Easily. Just not as humanely or as far away as #2 steel. Either way if you're found with a dead goose and lead shot you'll very likely be charged.
    " much steel shot does it take..." One shot can damage a barrel. Steel shot is supposedly harder than the steel in most old barrels.
    And it's not just the choke steel is hard on. It's the forcing cone too.

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