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    Well technically, Shane started the fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6MT View Post
    Well technically, Shane started the fire.
    Right! BSD just blows up badger holes.

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    Back from another great day at Dmay fun shoot. Thanks again for having us out.
    Still just out of range.
    Just in range. (18/02/2012)

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    I live among the creatures of the night (Edmonton)
    Sadly, I'm stuck up in the NWT at the mine. Next year.
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    The High River Gun Grab - NEVER FORGET !!!!
    Feb 26 2014 - Swiss Arms prohibition and ordered confiscation by the RCMP - NEVER FORGET !!!!!

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    Hope everybody had a great time. Pretty good crowd, 23 shooters if my count was accurate.
    Weather was great, in my opinion. Looked bad with smoke first thing in the morning....1050 yard was hardly visible, but it cleared. A little wind to make it challenging, but not stupid screaming hot like many years...
    Of course we missed some of the "Regulars" who couldn't make it, but always fun to meet some new friends too.
    (And we didn't start any fires)

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    Crap!!! Did I miss it again!?! UGH!

    Mixed up my dates

    Welcome to GOC, Site for honest, hardworking Canadians, that own firearms.

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    Once again it was an absolute blast. I always enjoy your shoots and I appreciate the time, effort, and hospitality of you and your family. Thanks again!

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