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    Quote Originally Posted by awndray View Post
    With such a small percentage of licensed firearm owners signing, I can only assume that the orgs aren't reaching the majority; or the majority just doesn't care. That's both sad and pathetic. We're our own worst enemies.
    Or clubs. The 2 clubs I'm a member of, I never seen any C71 informative info on the bullet inboard. And the orgs are banned from promoting on FB groups. Because Its not there for politics. I did put some anti C71 stuff on the float in the festival. But alot of members probably don't shoot. Just have licenses and that it. I say between the 2 shooting clubs in the valley only 1400 members.

    Or they don't follow sites. Ive met alot of people never hearing of these gun boards.
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    Here in MB I saw the St. Hubertus gun club participate in informing the membership about C-71 and the petition after I communicated with the secretary. Good on them. However have seen nothing from the Selkirk Game & Fish club about the petition or the odious piece of excrement called C-71. It’s like swimming against the current at times. I don’t like to use the term “fudd “ but damn, we either swing together from a rope or swing individually.
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