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    Pictures on R/PAL's are ridiculous anyway, we have drivers licences or other picture ID and shouldn't have to renew firearm licences every 5 years for more cash!
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    The god you believe in is a loophole for non-compliance of numerous laws in Canada.

    In this case specifically, if a picture is important on the PAL/RPAL, everyone should be made to comply.

    If deity worship is sufficient for an out, then no picture should be required for anyone regardless of what you worship, or don't worship.

    That said, the government has so many instances of my picture on file already, having it one more time for a PAL is not something that concerns me greatly. I know full well if there wasn't a picture on it, I'd have to present a D/L (with a picture) anytime I bought ammo or guns. So it simplifies things.

    Question is, do the Amish et al have to do the same currently? Likely not. I get the point underpinning the OP's concerns. Canada is all about making exceptions, and that's invariably a slippery slope
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