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    Sometimes there are identifying marks. Saw a British ml double with Lancaster (father of Charles) on the outside, locks were stamped JB inside. Joseph Brazier was one of the finest lockmakers; his locks were only used on the best guns.

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    Joseph Brazier made some of the Very best locks.
    His locks were marked JB as you say, Or "Joseph Brazier", Or, (for his finest), "Joseph Brazier, Ashes". ("Ashes" was his Wolverhampton workshop)

    I have a double John Blissett with the last Brazier marks.
    I think I prefer his locks over Stanton or Grainger.

    Charles Lancaster was a best barrel maker before setting up on his own as Gunsmith in 1826. (Barrel maker from 1811 in Drury Lane.)
    He used to make barrels for Joseph Manton.
    When Joe went out of business, Col. Hawker recommended Lancaster's work as the best in London.


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