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    Birthday Bash Discounts! - Code #6 Release, For the Love of Stripper...clips!

    Three years ago in October marked our first product sale with Matador -- so we call it our birthday! And, we love birthdays. So, we're gonna celebrate all month long.

    We'll post a discount code. It'll be active for an unknown amount of time. As soon as another discount code is posted, the previous ones will expire. Watch here, or on our social media pages for the birthday celebrations!

    And, as always, thank you for your support!

    3rd Birthday.jpg

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    October birthday bash - code #1.jpg

    The first birthday code has been released! Save 25% on ALL support gear.

    Really, it’s our party, you’ve got to dress the part!

    Patches, decals, shirts and hats - but use the code soon because as soon as the next one is released, this one expires!

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    Thanks for keeping us up to our ears in support gear purchases!!!

    Here is Code #2, folks! Remember -- it is only valid until the next code is released...only nobody (well, almost nobody!) knows when that will be.


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    Happy Thanksgiving weekend, everyone!

    We're thankful for you!

    If you're inclined to shop, our latest birthday code has been released! Take advantage of it before the next one comes out and replaces it!Untitled design (6).jpgOctober birthday bash - code #1 (3).jpg

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    Give your 10/22 some love! The paddle-style X-Press Release is a slick and easy upgrade. Funny story...we were out at a Steel Challenge match this summer and someone looked over at our Ruger and literally said, "Wow...I need that release...that's how they should be made." Yes! We said we could let him know where to find one. Ha, ha.

    And, the Mag-Rotor is an obvious choice -- it's aluminum, and allows you to pile in those rounds!

    And yes, both are made here in Canada!


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    Here is the latest and greatest birthday discount code, folks! I'm quite certain that it's safe to say this one won't be around for long!


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