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    I personally would never use a steel brush on a firearm.
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    I honestly don’t clean my shotguns too often.... A good wipe down and coat of G96 or Ballistol if they’ve gotten damp. A few drops of oil on the moving bits every now and then. The bore only gets cleaned if it got really wet or there’s considerable filth. A dab of anti seize on the choke isn’t a bad idea if you’ve got it out either. (I had to get out the big wrench once) I only fully strip them when they come into my possession, though I suppose if I had a tragic mud hole accident I’d rip them apart too. I’ve had more problems with guns that had been lubed/oiled excessively over time (or a s##tload of factory grease) than I’ve had with ones that weren’t perfectly spotless every time they went in the cabinet.
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    Its a good idea to read the cleaning instructions that came with your rifle. ( I'm being a smart a**)
    Now for cleaning the bore. My shop was a custom shop and no where would you find a copper/bronze cleaning brush.
    The only brushes we had would be the nylon and stainless steel brushes. There is a very good reason for this. Certain solvents can and will give you a false reading on how clean your bore is when you use a copper based brush. You know that funny looking green stuff on your patches. The other thing is that even though you see the words stainless steel , the stainless that is used is VERY soft , just like a copper brush. And no, a stainless brush will never hurt your bore.

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    For my 12/20G I got these Jags from Brownels. Great for regular cleaning, etc.

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    I have had good luck with g96 products Ill use the solvent but if really dirty Hoppes#9 ( love the smell) than just G96 for lube
    wipe down with a lubed rag and they stay frosty for next time, but as Ken said full tare down and bath when new or acquired
    and after that feild strip will usually do it, you can never have too many shotgun patches they work for everything especially
    chambers of rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by lone-wolf View Post
    I personally would never use a steel brush on a firearm.
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