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    Quote Originally Posted by dinero View Post
    With very few exceptions that means that there are no assault weapons in Canada. Emergency over, no need to do anything. Thanks, pinned to five magazine laws!
    Actually, there are thousands in private hands.

    To dismiss them so casually, as if to say that they are bad while yours are good, is essentially tossing their owners under the bus.

    Not exactly the correct thing to do.
    To show that men can travel to the moon and return, use the American experience.

    To show that public safety isnít hurt by responsible individuals carrying to protect life, use the American experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Y Cannuck
    I'm not saying not to fill it out, what happened to us back when they sent out a questionnaire prior to C-68 was this.

    They asked a question that was similar to "Do you think there should be better control of illegal firearms entering the country"

    now lots, if not most firearms people said yes to that. It was a trap.

    On the news when the poll results came in, it was a huge number in favor of "More firearms control". no mention of what the poll had asked, and where that number had come from.

    So, if you vote yes, to anywhere it wants more control, even on "illicit" firearms, you are giving them exactly what they want.

    vote, but vote knowing how they will use those results.

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    I voted no on everything anyways.
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    It's not as if they are going to do anything but delete all the information anyways. I fill out the survey a couple of times each night so you know that there is absolutely no way to get any true feedback on this. Smoke and mirrors folks.
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    FWIW , Johnny is one of the few mods over there that has any cred with me anymore .... many I donít trust at all

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    I try an fill this out 4 -5 times each day. No on the gun parts and I just mix up my demographic categories each time.
    Yes, you can fix stupid, but the stupid folks have passed laws against it. Old, Caucasian, and male; so I am automatically a "racist". I can live with that, if you can't that's not my problem, cupcake.

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