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  1. Woman Shoots Mugger
  2. USA - Gun owners, non-owners agree on these proposals
  3. Best Explanation for Mass Shootings?
  4. Confirmation of Purpose.....
  5. SKS Bling
  6. Unusual ATT requests
  7. Watch this Calgary MP support of firearms video!
  8. Mossberg MVP Scout
  9. Most dangerous cities/towns in Canada - MacLeans
  10. So what's the deal on type87 rifles? Turd? Or godlike?
  11. FBI agent loses his gun during dance-floor backflip, accidentally shoots bar patron
  12. It never fails...
  13. AA-12 Semi-Auto Finally Available On Civilian Market
  14. We Did It
  15. Online Forums Safety and Common Sense
  16. Highlander Tactical Customer Service
  17. firing pin retaining pin for AR .308
  18. Can anyone lend a hand?
  19. Could I get this classified as an antique?
  20. Colion Noir Gun Discussion with Bill Maher
  21. Is is still fun/ok shooting rifles in a 25 meter (80 feet) indoor range?
  22. Defending Tree Swallows
  23. Obscene decission on loaded fire arm in a vehicle charge
  24. My blade Engraving
  25. Leaving the Shooting Community
  26. M1A Magazines
  27. He flew across the world to break into a 14-year-old’s home, police say. Her mom shot him.
  28. Engraved AK-47 from Pakistan
  29. Rehab an old range
  30. Why do people feel the need to trash ranges with junk?
  31. Too bad the give aways are ending however
  32. Canada is not an island
  33. Selling Expensive Guns
  34. Hesitant to buy restricted.
  35. Encountering anti-gunner gun owners at the range-
  36. Look at what I got in the mail today
  37. Mexico's tight gun control
  38. Rust
  39. Range Mentoring
  40. What Will You Treat Yourself To Upon a ‘19 Victory?
  41. Picked up a new to me rifle and shotgun today
  42. Lipstick on a hottie
  43. Curious but Gun Nutz
  44. Lead and shooting, and preventions?
  45. What will you be buying next?...
  46. Extended mag release for Smith&Wesson MP 9mm
  48. Vic Mensa Says 'Gun Culture in America is a Plague' in Powerful Op-Ed
  49. Cool find : 30/06 Rimfire adapter kit
  50. Meet the man who says YOUR guns are more likely to be used in a violent crime
  51. Dan Wesson Specialist
  52. Insurance
  53. Calibre wars
  54. That feeling of muzzle blast....back when I had hair.
  55. Gun Control and the prison system
  56. First Time Shooting In 23yrs!
  57. 37mm & 40mm Launchers
  58. Melbourne a gun city
  59. Epps Ellwood - BeWaRe- Pain in the A....
  60. Remington 700 VTR
  61. NRA In Financial Trouble
  62. Out with the new, in with the old
  63. AB PAL courses?
  64. Steel Targets
  65. Maybe if CSSA's emails didn't look like spam
  66. Accident at Williams Lake CAS
  67. This story has something to do why we are screwed as firearms owners and a country ....
  68. Firearm Safety Is No Accident: A Gun Safety Book for Children
  69. Shooting on the outskirts of Ottawa
  70. .338-378 Weatherby Magnum
  71. Do you support a Canada-wide ban on handguns and assault weapons?
  72. More mayhem on the streets as six hurt in knife and gun attacks
  73. Gun factory' uncovered on Hailsham industrial estate
  74. Recent Calibre Magazine article S&W
  75. Every time I think I understand some aspect of guns I learn that I don't actually
  76. Almost poetry in motion
  77. Trying to decide
  78. You just never know...
  79. Finaly BassPro/Cabelas to open in Dartmouth.
  80. Boutique Gun Store Owner Throws SKS Owners Under the Bus
  81. How many firearms have you Bought or Sold on this forum?
  82. Are your affairs in order?
  83. 'splosives...!
  84. Cheap 8mm mauser
  85. The CCFR
  86. Email issues
  87. The price is too dang high!
  88. Walnut Heritage.
  89. Are RPAL courses down?
  90. what part represent the ''gun''' as defined by the law.
  91. Behind The Vault Door - 016 - SKS Prohibited?
  92. How much did your PAL/RPAL cost?
  93. Step One Looked After......
  94. Handgun ban policy notes
  95. New solid state dehumidifier for safes?
  96. Enemies Of The State.
  97. News channel web polls vs the poll results they publicize. Someone should cover the discrepancies
  98. What's the deal behind the maccabee slr?
  99. Are there stores where you are not escorted to the cashier with ammo?
  100. Ian Has All the Fun!
  101. savage 10 ashbury precision VS savage 10ba evolution......what are the differences?
  102. Carbon Fibre Custom Gun Wrap!
  103. RIP Richard Lee
  104. Speer #8515 Plastic Cases
  105. Who not to vote for in SURREY bc
  106. There is Never enough Gun Control
  107. PAL, DOB, Address..For some non reguated parts?
  108. h and h range rover ad
  109. Cell Phones, Range Surveillance, and Police
  110. M78 Valmets
  111. .223 rifle Engraved
  112. New C-71 and Gun Ban Petition
  113. 10 rounds in an sks?
  114. Price of Johnson 41 ?
  115. Lending a restricted post C-42
  116. Harvard study says guns reduce crime
  117. Please please be coming to Canada
  118. Beware of Facebook and posts in the past
  119. anyone ever dealt with TESRO canada?
  120. Self-inflicted GSW, hole in foot
  121. Crowd Source: how many ranges are there in Canada?
  122. Is there any gunsmith in Toronto area?
  123. An Open Letter to Canadian Gun Owners
  124. The Divide Between Us
  125. TC Compass Recall Information
  126. How Refreshing.....
  127. Mick McPhee - Gunsmith
  128. Man I wish I could carry
  129. Here's how the Liberals want it (gun bans) to go down, from behind closed doors.
  130. Canadian Tire Ammo Sales (Stratford store) back to their old tricks again...
  131. A good analogy but guns and rights
  132. Burning Bridges
  133. Help GOC pay some Bills :)
  134. IT EXISTS! They made it! - Alexander Arms 50 Beowulf Pistol
  135. Aging issues for shooting
  136. the Norinco P762
  137. Good day at the office...
  138. Hallelujah.... Nova Scotia CFO finally got with the times.
  139. CFC/CFO Keeps track of people
  140. scopes....
  141. SBE III
  142. Australian Fake News
  143. Bubba Strikes Again
  144. 50% off Black Friday Sale on Hard Cases
  145. Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen Allegedly Arrested In Germany
  146. NZ's battle over semi-automatics: Police frustrated by the law, firearm owners frustrated by police
  147. CT - New Glasgow, NS - Unexpected
  148. explain-like-im-five-episode-7-guns-in-canada
  149. Gun No 6, BBC2 — a biography of UK’s most deadly weapon
  150. Sound Suppressor: Slo Motion Schlieren
  151. Why ranges need to be cleaned once in awhile
  152. FG-42 goodness
  153. An escaped inmate kicked down a sleeping woman’s door. But she had a gun.
  154. (1998) Safe Storage in Aboriginal Communities: Exploratory Review of Central Firearm Storage Programs in Manitoba
  155. SAM 1911 Commander Enhanced
  157. Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study
  158. The week's news that wasn't
  159. Winter Basement Practice....
  160. Sears Ranger double barrel 12g
  161. I know at Christmas it's better to give than recieve, but when it comes to guns...
  162. Best wishes to all!
  163. Views down the sights of historical military firearms
  164. Found pretty decent charity donation for military vets, their families and their educations from outdoor store
  165. Damascus Barrel
  166. The CN Express
  167. Russian Tula shotgun engraved renovation.
  168. How a Precision barrel is made
  169. Rat Hunting
  170. Shot Show 2019
  171. Has anyone heard of Sport Action/Ottawa Shooting Supply?
  172. Seems like RCMP are not following the laws... even on their site..
  173. Phoenix, AZ Rental Range Recommendations?
  174. What other web sites you on
  175. Sad day for shooters
  176. EIBAR ESPANA????
  177. Youtube video on how to deal with non-gun-owner at the range
  178. Rpal police number
  179. DSA Israeli FAL
  180. Best guess How many people are employed in the Canadian firearms industry?
  181. WWII era M1A1 carbine (a chance to buy)
  182. The 10 Most Overrated Cartridges
  183. Soda botle Exploding Targets
  184. Shot Show, anything catch your eye?
  185. RANGETECH BOOKING late AUGUST/ early SEPTEMBER 2019 British Columbia, Spring 2019 Idaho
  186. Franklin Armory is confident this will be released in Canada
  187. Colt sa 20” bcg?
  188. Optics & scopes
  189. Building plans for indoor gun range?
  190. GOC banned by Air Canada.
  191. Portable Shooting Table
  192. Multi-Gun Cases
  193. What gun is this?
  194. Remington 783 Long Action Build
  195. PSA: Port Perry Canadian Tire clearing out Firearms
  196. Safe - Cheaper than Free!
  197. Quebec Gun Registry - Compliance
  198. Transporting Firearms from US to Canada
  199. Auction Action Again.
  200. Maccabee
  201. 1974 FBI training film "shooting for survival"
  202. Police raid felon’s hotel room, catch him painting shotgun to look like a toy
  203. Poll: Does your Gun Club Require Criminal Record Checks?
  204. Polish Gvt Bans Wearing and Transporting Firearms in Warsaw For A Week
  205. Ballistic helmet sellers in Canada?
  206. RPAL
  207. My Son Got His PAL
  208. Value of take off parts.
  209. ACR/XCR stock adapter
  210. 9mm Largo
  211. Inside Olympia’s hidden gun range
  212. Buying a gun on-line?
  213. Weird YouTube rant video. Which one of you Peoplekind is this?
  214. Canadian Firearm legislation is sexist
  215. been doing the math
  216. Magpul rls sling
  217. Magnum Cartridge Magnum Bullet? Go Ahead Punk
  218. Funny CFC questions?
  219. S.I.R.
  220. 45 ACP Blazer Brass
  221. Girsan parts
  222. trip to the range, Vegas style
  223. A bunch of guns came in for me to id and value.
  224. Intelligent post from Firearm Owners United NZ
  225. Has anyone seen
  226. 3d Printed Glock frame
  227. kalashnikov ussa
  228. The Science is Settled: Research Shows Gun Control Laws Do Not Reduce Violent Crime or Suicides
  229. Fun little build
  230. Pistol Gallery near Denton, Texas
  231. Bullet belt for 30-30 winchester cartridges
  232. Consequences of PAL
  233. How should I start?
  234. Eva dry
  235. Test for Liberals on Gun Control-
  236. Why should I care, no one else does.
  237. Bullet Weight
  238. Best 9mm rifle?
  239. Canuck/Turkish Shotgun+1
  240. Hey Firearm owning, firearms right's organization non members- they will be coming for you too I recon! (Just like Oz)
  241. CCW approved for all 12-6 holders in Canada!
  242. Blair's Recommendations?
  243. Gunformz/Pelican Gear.ca V800 Double firearm case
  244. Henry lever action question
  245. Barrett / P.O.F.
  246. Anyone in Winnipeg want to make $20?
  247. All I want from Santa...
  248. Massive U.S. Gun and Militaria auction.
  249. My favourite Reporters and Police Press conferences
  250. Trigger Cannon