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  1. Short Barrelled .270 Win??? Brush Gun???
  2. The Gun that aims itself.
  3. Volquartsen Products
  4. American work.
  5. Help me win ;)
  6. Gary Cane gun stocks
  7. So, who's got a Savage Axis with the "Reaper" stock?
  8. Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
  9. Cause I like to Tease + a guessing game giveaway ;)
  10. Clean out your inbox TOK MAN and others
  11. Pistols and AK47 fired underwater
  12. Your favorite Canadian online firearms/accessories/tactical/hunting store.
  13. I was at Epps today
  14. Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence ( 2013 )
  15. Who can Paint Firearms in Northern Alberta/NWT
  16. Changing name on PAL
  17. build thoughts/opinions *added another*
  18. LGR Web App Just For You!
  19. I see we have another sponsor!
  20. Calgary Notice - CDTSA open for new members
  21. Help deciding on 7.62x39mm
  22. T/C Dimension rifles
  23. Attitudes, disruptions, and plain out rudeness
  24. Good argument and well presented
  25. A FABULOUS morning!
  26. Range Manners
  27. Mother buffers arrived
  28. my incoherent rambling.
  29. Chilliwack wacked !
  30. Ordering Non-Restricted Online
  31. Arma Coat, what happened to them?
  32. Orange hunting vests at ranges?
  33. Brand New CSA VZ58, rusted?
  34. Trigger locks: key or combination?
  35. I think I've been bitten by the VZ bug...
  36. Legalities of...
  37. purchasing gun stock from U.S?
  38. Anyone in Calgary have a 50" TV box or a airsoft rifle box?
  39. Things a gunsmith said that made you facepalm
  40. pls remove
  41. bumper stickers
  42. Merry christmas and Happy New Year Everyone
  43. Merry Xmas everybody!
  44. Why hasn't the western world built a rpg?
  45. Wife gave me a coupon to buy a rifle for Christmas. Which one?????
  46. Was Gun Santa Good To You?
  47. The never ending crown land search
  48. Elf At The Range....
  50. WTF? Iron Sights On A Monte Carlo Stock = Useless!!!
  51. Attn: Gun Owners of Canada Members!! Our New Years Resolution
  52. Marlin 795 For $140 @ Bass Pro!!!
  53. Ever jumped into bed and....
  55. Need help identifying scary gun
  56. Interesting review on Armalite AR-30A1
  57. educate me on 6.5 grendel
  58. Shot Show Coverage??
  59. Has there ever been anything like the montana militia in Canada?
  60. What was your favorite weapon of WW2?
  61. Bad computer, Bad attitude at Shilo Rifle.
  62. Calling all Restricted PAL Holders (with cash to burn)
  63. New bullpup
  64. Recreational Biathalon
  65. Why does canada post ship rifles with no trigger lock?
  66. UK Gun Crime Stats
  67. Safe Storage.
  68. E-Bay + Global Shipping Program+ Pitney Bowes = FUBAR
  69. Forum searching
  70. New Nosler Catalogue
  71. Gardening with a shotgun
  72. Red Dot + Magnifier Question
  73. Sorry from Arizona
  74. Life's Simple Pleasures.
  75. recieved my tec 5 pack from TRADEX today!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Tavor Trigger
  77. Shotgun News
  78. canada post and crappy tracking system.
  79. Arsenal firearms
  80. Looking for an NCStar drag bag/shooting mat
  81. Forget the future,remember the past.
  82. Best non bolt action rifle to put a bipod on.
  83. Show off your best rifle mount or storage setup for your rifle on a pickup or a side by side or quad.
  84. The .700 Nitro Express
  85. Anybody wat h enemy at the gate and run out and buy a $600 mosin sniper
  86. Canadian Firearms Law(s)/Fees Associated
  87. 3D Printed Glock 17
  88. WW1 Tank Warfare - German Anti-Tank guns
  89. Bit of a newb question
  90. RIP ammo - Radically Invasive Projectile
  91. Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job
  92. Lets split wood with a gun....
  93. Self Healing Wireless Target System
  94. Home defense .....what Home defense? same old story
  95. Winchester Recalls Lots Of .22 Long Rifle Ammo
  96. MAS 36 rifle... Opinions?
  97. USA FFL dealer
  98. A Hidden Registry?????
  99. Woopsie!
  100. biathalon
  101. Would you send in ammo that's been recalled?
  102. Marlin .22s, the weapon of choice for school shootings?
  103. Damn Liberals
  104. Ya and if you want mine you better bring yours.
  105. South Korean SWAT Shooting Training
  106. Fees ? Upgrade to RPAL
  107. BC Place Sniper Shooting Range
  108. More fuel for the anti fires
  109. ITAR. Am I Cherry Picking?
  110. How Do You Store Your " Bump in the Night " Gun ?
  111. Winchester 94 pre 64 compass in stock?
  112. Went to the pistol club and,,,,
  113. Good Gun Story
  114. Private Property Maps ? Crown Land ?
  115. Why I despise Liberals.
  116. Guns: Virtual State of the Union 2013
  117. 338 LM KaBOOOM
  118. Garage Cabinet for Storage?
  119. barter kings /m14 build thread
  120. What will the RCMP and the Conservatives ban next?
  121. Security Cabinet Build
  122. Live Chat IRC gun.grab.canada.2014
  123. Swiss Arms and 858 Debacle - Pulling this one out from the flames?
  124. Chinese Violence
  125. Tungs Away!
  127. Smith and wesson light rifle m1940
  128. how do you pronounce cz
  130. Fight Back
  131. Dream Surivial Rifle
  132. Spruce Grove Gun Club Website
  133. Go Pro & Contour Firearm Mounted Cameras
  134. Canada's Women Supporting Legal Firearms
  135. Hey people, I need a hand
  136. Glock AD issue
  137. Can a firearm be "re-classified" - The RCMP have been planning this for years
  138. Sherwood Park Fish and Game Association
  139. What would you think/do?
  140. Canadian Rangers, replacement rifle?
  141. Yes Im bringing this up again, Mossberg 715T mag
  142. Something we all can agree on?
  143. New, well confirmed source for stocks up here
  144. Magnetic strip on PAL
  145. How often do you shoot?
  146. Jesse James built 1911s and AR15s
  147. Youth Shooting Program Match Formats/Documents
  148. Best Calibre For Fukushima Squid Defence?
  149. CFO Address Chage WTF
  150. So, You Want to Bury Your Guns?
  151. If we were allowed to conceal carry, What would your choice be?
  152. Cold Toes, Wet Arse, Great Day
  153. South of the Border
  154. Amazing LE / Mil / Fire / EMS Glock discount.
  155. Frigging RCMP strike again...
  156. RPAL Is In The Mail, Looking For My First Pistol...Semi vs Revolver ?
  157. Would Campaigning to increase # of PAL/RPAL Licenses Nationally Help?
  158. Firearms lic. "special conditions" sheet
  159. Range Rental Rates?
  160. Criminals Speak-Out on Gun Control
  161. Winning by not registering (sweet).
  162. Some good press for the AR-15
  163. Canadian binary reactive targets?
  164. Class today
  165. Practice Piece
  166. Trigger Lock on a Garand
  167. Alberta to Nova Scotia - advice please!
  168. Armtac gone?
  169. US order help
  170. Sniper: One Shot, Six Kills
  171. Cheryl Gallant Email
  172. Stumbled across a great Fackebook page today!! Gun Auctions!!
  173. Thinking of Starting a New Project
  174. Now this, is a good idea.
  175. Norinco Next?
  176. Remington Recall Notice!!!!
  177. Now that the dust has settled..... with prohibition
  178. Big Loss For Gun Rights: Rob Anders Loses
  179. Ammo Can Art
  180. Springfield xd doesn't look enough like a glock? Meet the zoraki 9 17
  181. Add this to the list of companies to avoid.
  182. 25 caliber?
  183. Good Days - What's your story?
  184. Suggestions wanted
  185. Importing shotguns?
  186. Genesee gun range
  187. Obscure thoughts for the soul.
  188. Wound Up Wednesday.
  189. Silent Running
  190. Marlin .444 or ???
  191. Hello
  192. Safe Storage ??
  193. BSA Project
  194. Stock Duplicating
  195. do i have the parts to make a folding stock anybody ?
  196. the FUDD thread
  197. Stolen Firearm from CDTSA (Calgary Range)
  198. Shipping Firearm parts into the US
  199. Calvin Martin, QC
  200. What if the RCMP were charged with regulating motorcycles?
  201. CSSA membership...?
  202. Amputee Shooter - Huckleberry Build first shots, custom precision build
  203. Hello GOC!!!
  204. AR15 originally supposed to be prohibited?
  205. Changing receiver on cz858
  206. That One Perfect Day of the Year
  207. Magazine cross-reference
  208. I'm sorry, but we can't be friends!!
  209. Outstanding review: Sporteque (store)
  210. Ugliest gun you can think of thread!!!
  211. Canadian Tire in Barrie....
  212. Changes to the firearms act and regulations
  213. Interesting Video: Use of Force Discussion
  214. Royal Purple Gun Oil
  215. Gun Control in Nazi Germany
  216. Place to shoot near Barrie
  217. Need Inner Magazine tube for 1929 Remington Model 12 .22 Pump Rifle
  218. I Need a Front Sight for My J.C. Higgins Model 50 Rifle
  219. Liberals with a gun....
  220. anyone a member of niagara revolver club?
  221. 22LR is the greatest calibre in the world.
  222. Recoil Pad for a .270
  223. The Swiss way.
  224. ZOMG Canadian legal Norc .308 non-AK AK?
  225. One-time Brownells coupon code $15 off any order - come and get it
  226. Help!!
  227. Liberal Party protects peoples' rights
  228. Do I mount the rings on the tube, or the rings on the base first?
  229. Two for the price of one!! The smart thing to do.
  230. Saskatoon radio station talks gun control/violence
  231. Videos of my new rolling target stand
  232. Gun coatings
  233. Inducted a new shooter: We got a live one here!
  234. Anyone know what this firearm is???
  235. Show Me Some Ammo!
  236. Almost Ready, Barrie Cabela's
  237. Clarify the Brownells "$500 export limit" please
  238. Cleaning up a local shooting area ...again !
  239. Don't panic (Just a simple story)
  240. Alberta question
  241. CFO has banned the use of Tannerite / exploding targets at all the ranges in Ontario
  242. Kalashnikov Identification / Playing Cards
  243. authorization to transport
  244. Market Place
  245. Gun clubs
  246. Electronic Hearing Protection
  247. Rouge river arms Review
  248. Hats off to military officers and senior NCOs
  249. 4 barrel rifle/shotgun
  250. 20 guage for the Wife / Home Defense