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  1. Have RPAL...But Own No Restricteds...Am I Being Background Checked Everyday ?
  2. Day at the range
  3. High River Grab update - some of the items taken
  4. Federal Power Shok Ammo
  5. Keyed alike trigger and Cable locks?
  6. Happy Fathers Day! Boy's First trip to the range!
  7. Positive CFO experience
  8. Portage RCMP Officer Wins National Competition
  9. What Firearms Are Being Used By Armoured Car Companies ?
  10. So I think I got a deal
  11. When you buy a non-restricted gun from a business, do they electronically check your PAL?
  12. Need a favour (range guests, Kitchener area)
  13. Moncton Shooter angered over High River incident..
  14. Kawasaki Police Motorcycle
  15. Best Hearing Protection
  16. Edjumacate me
  17. Unobtanium
  18. Changes to the Firearms Act - July 2014
  19. Redneck Chique
  20. Homemade rifle
  21. Question about Shockwave/Tannerite
  22. 3D-Printed Semiautomatic .22 Debuts. "If you take my gun, I will simply print another one."
  23. Can any court in Canada order C-68 and other guns laws be rewritten
  24. Cabellas is coming to Calgary
  25. What do I do????
  26. What do I do????
  27. Leaked: Taurus's secret new pistol, with a curve
  28. Trying to get new people to experience shooting
  29. trying to find.....
  30. Bought Tannerite: Now What?
  31. I need a Gopher hunt
  32. July 23, 2014 Mark the date
  33. July 23, 2014, Delete the date
  34. Federal Guard Dog ammo
  35. Question for Army/CF peeps
  36. Solomon Friedman....stil in the game?
  37. Do you trust PSM Steve Blaney?
  38. Just One Day....
  39. The case for "de-prohibiting" EVERYTHING
  40. PEI CFO fights back - by LYING!
  41. Ruger #1 in 45-70
  42. What shooting-related stuff have you found at the dollar store?
  43. Building a legal dewat
  44. Noise complaints at range
  45. Are you anti-gun? A test!
  46. What to do in Hamilton?
  47. Why AR?
  48. Garand Rumour?
  49. Patent for Rat Trap - 1882
  50. wife reaction on new scope request :)
  51. Ever heard of Range Maintenance Fees?
  52. XCR-L 10 round 7.62x 39 pistol mags ?????
  53. Who sells these manufacturers in Canada?
  54. Ruger customer service
  55. AR15 Full Auto Fail
  56. this blew me away
  57. What liberals think bullets can do
  58. Izzy's day out at the range...
  59. 'Clever answers to stupid things said by gun prohibitionists...
  60. Firearms auction (Edmonton)
  61. Switzer Auctions
  62. Minister Blaney just protected these firearms
  63. A case for thinning the herd?
  64. Short critique of the Federal CSFL Act proposals
  65. On stocking levels and hoarding.
  66. Looking for a leather cheek pad
  67. Huffpost reporter....
  68. Sheldon Clare UN Address Posted Aug20/14
  69. Canadian supplier of XS sights???
  70. 3 Things to PROMISE any person you take shooting for their first time:
  71. Uberti lever Highlighted on "How It's Made"
  72. "Interesting" information from firearm instructors at recent course
  73. What do you see? (Warning "graphic")
  74. Follow on to Re: Canadians stunned to learn they have police
  75. So Brownells is not shipping Magpul to Canada any longer?
  76. Marstar Canada
  77. Are we slowly gaining ground?
  78. Next rifle/caliber
  79. The next great caliber...
  80. 50,000 Yugo M70's......
  81. SGGC Range Re-opening Sept. 6
  82. HellFire Triggers! LEGAL??
  83. customer service/ condition question
  84. HELP!!! Looking for IWI dealers
  85. Shooting on the Cheap
  86. Glock 17 gen four barrels
  87. Upgrading the Marlin 336 Lever Action: More precise sighting options
  88. School me on the CZ550.
  89. Norinco 1911
  90. Gun Club Participation
  91. Bubba Central
  92. Pro gun Celebrities for a change
  94. RPAL Renewal
  95. RCMP covering their tracks - they must know the tide is changing...
  96. A what now?
  97. Gunpolicy.org
  98. One Choice Only
  99. The Assault Weapon Myth - New Yotk Times !!
  100. Rich Wyatt is back!
  101. The funniest comment I've ever seen
  102. Chilliwack CT finally on the bandwagon
  103. Camo painted gun stocks
  104. Vancouver - what do I need to know?
  105. Started 2 new shooters today - start em' young
  106. Took my sons for their first time shooting today. :)
  107. Information coming - Ranges of Canada (well half thanks to the RCMP)
  108. So my Jungle Carbine fornicated with a Smurf?
  109. Recycling done right!
  110. Which Police and Law Enforcement Agencies Must Leave Their Duty Firearms At Work ?
  111. Tag and shoot
  112. Failure of Colorado's Magazine Laws
  113. Trends
  114. Extractor Springs
  115. Just about dirtied my pants!
  116. What Your Carry Gun Says About You
  117. Sterling Cross Defense Systems ammo
  118. Stuff you see at the range
  119. Interesting video on classification
  120. whats on your list of "to do before you die"
  121. Browning an ass to small gunstores
  122. Thank you to Haywire1
  123. Canadian Firearm Classification - Rod does it again
  124. Looking for removable, adjustable cheek rest for Marlin 795
  125. The latest from Defense Distributed, a $1k desktop CNC machine for making "ghost guns"
  126. Gun Range Owner Declares Her Business A 'Muslim Free Zone'
  127. Threading barrel question
  128. Some people just shouldn't own guns
  129. The FBI is Going 9mm: Here Comes the Science
  130. Minor POL
  131. Old VITAL 4 en francais SVP
  132. Another great job from CerakoteBC
  133. Unicorn Tears and Pixie Dust.
  134. All Supply of the $1,200 Machine for Making Guns Has Sold Out in 36 Hours
  135. Any news yet........
  136. 20MM & 25 Autocannon Ammo
  137. Gun stores in Calgary
  138. Pre-range Routines
  139. What to do in Quebec City
  140. Guns and Children -- Don't Be Ignorant
  141. Bllack Rifles Most Popular Gun Since the 30-30 in the US
  142. Dollerama Camo stickers
  143. What would you do
  144. Maps with every gun store, range, gunsmith in Canada, arranged by province.
  145. Whats in your range bag?
  146. Cross eye dominance
  147. Edmonton Range Trespassing?
  148. Need help finding a case
  149. Rebar gun barrel
  150. Thoughts on a Savage 25/06
  151. Best reason EVER for License to Carry.
  152. Children talking about guns in school
  153. Re. the common sense firearms licensing act.
  154. Lee-Enfield rifle phased out by Canadian military after 100 years of service
  155. Paranoia
  156. CZ AR15
  157. ATC Apply now
  158. Source for target backing?
  159. My experience with local gun clubs
  160. ASC mags
  161. The Marketing Genius of Samuel Colt
  162. Took a new shooter to the range today
  163. My interaction with police today
  164. CZ 527 17 hornet.
  165. Brought back from the dead
  166. Ammunition Inventory Tracking Sheet in Excel
  167. Winchester 73 Movie reveilles shooting theory
  168. Montreal Gun Show Sat. Nov. 8
  169. Dewat question
  170. Do you know this answer?
  171. How many GOC members own firearms?
  172. Trigger locks
  173. The fastest sport on this planet
  174. Its funny cause it's true
  175. New range opens in Truro Nova Scotia!
  176. Right-to-carry gun laws linked to increase in violent crime, Stanford research shows
  177. Gun trigger locks can save lives -- of criminals
  178. Help with choice of guns
  179. Anybody have a contact at Buffalo Target Shooters in Calgary?
  180. Setting off Tannerite with a .22
  181. s & j hardware
  182. Swiss Canadian Mountain Range Association
  183. Tannerite Amounts
  184. Getting Words and Numbers on a firearm to stand out
  185. Interesting Question Posed by CFC About a Pending Transfer
  186. How Much Oil?
  187. Last Chance for a GOC Patch Combo Pack - GOC's Black Friday Sale
  188. Todd Brown from Concerned Gun Owners of Alberta on Modern Rifleman Radio
  189. Barrel change on revolver
  190. Gun control groups open online store in time for holiday shopping
  191. Now this is more like it!
  192. heres a couple of vids i made
  193. .22lr ammo
  194. Iron Sights: A New Search Engine for Firearms Related Items Only
  195. A Nights Work......
  196. Gunmaker Magpul finalizes departure from Colorado to protest anti-gun laws
  197. Firearms and office work - Update!! April 10th
  198. Fatherhood is awesome...
  199. december sales
  200. Which muzzleloader?
  201. Why Spouses Don’t Make Good Firearms Trainers
  202. Who ships to Canada?
  203. Thank you to CSC
  204. Police issue warning to gun owners not to post ‘firearm selfies’ online and tipping thieves off to their gun cache
  205. Keep Volunteering with gun club executive?
  206. toefield or shewood park gun clubs good or bad
  207. Brown Paper Photo Series
  208. How much is too much?
  209. What age should you teach kids to shoot?
  210. Export Only Sale - Tom Mulclair
  211. Weaver vs Isosceles stance... What do you use?
  212. Quick project
  213. Toronto Police called this morning................
  214. Firearm related gifts to self?
  215. Stainless, worth it?
  216. Dinner Last night!
  217. New York high school senior prevails in fight to pose with gun in yearbook photo
  218. Sketchy guy buying a gun
  219. Changes in US export regs?
  220. 1897 steyr
  221. Mauser 1908 300 Win Mag
  222. Florida Rescinds 1957 Ban on Hunting With Suppressors
  223. funny vid
  224. Savage 24
  225. Merry Christmas from Gun Owners of Canada!
  226. World War 2 Christmas...
  227. Christmas Swag!
  228. Cabela's Boxing Day: Thanks for the penny off!
  229. Good first lever action?
  230. Saskatoon Ranges
  231. How different fire arms work.
  232. Gun Trouble
  233. Smart little lady
  234. Unusable lock
  235. Pitch Perfect!
  236. Looking for a midway USA Range bag
  237. Happy Birthday Wishes Jan.1 1888
  238. NFA's Petition for reclassifying the AR-15
  239. The best kind of gun related e-mails
  240. Most fun gun you own?
  241. Tough day at the range -25deg!
  242. The Kalashnikov's Superior Cousin
  243. 2015 Young Guns Program
  244. Can Someone Decipher This Statement of Evidence For Me, Please?
  245. Fun Look-see
  246. "Gunned down -the power of the NRA"
  247. New box full of fun
  248. The perfect door?
  249. MAC TAC-50
  250. Sucked in Again.............