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  1. Seraphim at Abbotsford Fish and Game Club Open House
  2. How to make a paper gun that shoots.
  3. New SA product! Survival collaboration project with Superesse straps!
  4. Surprising result of shooting a bullet at a frozen pond.
  5. Tikka CTR swivel stud
  6. PIP Shooting Video - iPhone vs Sony Headcam?
  7. M1 Carbine
  8. Alternative to Canada Post?
  9. Damn You SFRC!
  10. Any good stock guys in Wpg?
  11. Anyone in Hamilton able to help a new shooter?
  12. Gun owners aren't the only ones wth restricted classes in their hobbies.
  13. Breaking It In
  14. Restricted application.
  15. Inheriting firearms
  16. Ontario CFSC/CRFSC Instructors: Applications Accepted
  17. Which guns should be illegal based on appearance?
  18. Accidents while carrying concealed?
  19. M2A1 50bmg?
  20. GULP! Now What??....
  21. Savage BMAG Recall
  22. Kodiak Defense Inc..
  23. My pet is afraid of gun noise. What should I do?
  24. Why is there no "heavy duty" guns?
  25. Travelling across Canada
  26. Sportsman Guide
  27. How long before parrallax adjustment is nessesary?
  28. The best article on "gun oil" I've come across
  29. All ruger 10 22 mags over 10 rounds now prohib
  30. Called the CFP tech today...
  31. Marlin 1894 jams and carrier problems
  32. Victoria Shooters
  33. AB RCMP long gun?
  34. Buying a new handgun
  35. What's that smell?
  36. Will CCW become maditory?
  37. Out of the closet, seeking advice...
  38. Buying a Tavor on time.
  39. Oh Wendy,,,
  40. I had a hilarious conversation with an RCMP officer today.
  41. CZ 527 Leather Cheek Rest
  42. Authorized Transport Questions
  43. AK47 mags
  44. Violent Gun culture emerging in Austra;ia
  45. 7.5 FK - I want it now.
  46. Obama excuses firearms offenses if the criminal didnít shoot; Can law-abiding gun owners get a break?
  47. Looking for IWI dealers
  48. Because I know you guys will get it...
  49. 9 Catastrophic Gun Malfunctions You Can Learn From
  50. Need help with an 1894 sight.
  51. Range Tech bipods
  52. The more I shot, the worser I got!
  53. Airguns from Walmart.ca
  54. Anyone build a sound deadening box/tube?
  55. 40S&W just as powerful as .357 magnum
  56. Anyone here attending the CSSA training courses in Mississauga on 20th, 21st of August?
  57. XM566 Microgun
  58. So I bought myself a Mare's Leg........
  59. Advice Please!!: TRW M14 Composite Stock Original Vietnam Rifle w/ Chrome Line Barrel
  60. Are there more enfields, or sks's?
  61. Is FMJ ammo underated?
  62. Check out the stupid monkeys at Brownells customer service...
  63. Liberty gun safes
  64. "Common Sense" Gun Control
  65. What is the going price for good condition GI M-14 bolts?
  66. new guy with a question. media blasting
  67. sentry single pistol safes.....legal ?
  68. Survival Shotgun that can Fire 12 Different Calibers
  69. Shot gun advice needed;
  70. Random (gun) Thoughts
  71. Don't take a 6 month vacation on guns
  72. If you can only have 5 guns [Canada vs USA list.]
  73. Petersen rifle
  74. Where To Get PAL Training in Stephenville Newfoundland?
  75. Advice on a new rifle...
  76. Did Wendy get fired?
  77. RPAL not good enough
  78. Indoor vs Outdoor Ranges in BC
  79. Seraphim Armoury 1911 unboxing
  80. Loading a bipod - what about shooting sticks?
  81. Ruger GP100 and S&W 357
  82. Guns and the Film Industry
  83. Pro-Firearm Movie "Targeted" Trailer
  84. 22 Inch Hardcases Are On sale At Princess Auto Until Sept. 18....they make great handgun cases .
  85. Need Pictures - Slings On Rifles
  86. Shadow Force Calgary???
  87. Shooting steel safely (Hickok 45)
  88. Seraphim Shield Maidens
  89. Regret selling a gun?
  90. .22 Spitfire/Johnson Returning...?
  91. Aiming technique and Shooting with Progressive Lenses
  92. Remington Rolling Block, Rare?
  93. Rifle value question
  94. I need a range bag.
  95. Email outages
  96. Travelling to the US ...with Firearms
  97. My SP-1 is Home!
  98. Virtues of an over under
  99. Amputee Shooter - NSCC 2016 Wrap-up!
  100. Update? The Right to Bear Arms
  101. Firearms in Extraordinary Circumstances
  102. Looking for a single shot rifle chambered in 223 REM/5.56 NATO
  103. cheapest .223 or 556 semi auto
  104. The "Guns vs Bear Spray" Argument
  105. Possible actual reason for an SKS.
  106. Moving to temp house. Hangun storage?
  107. Cabelas.ca purchase? Watch your credit card statement.
  108. Your Chance to Help!! The CCFR Needs You.
  109. Portable backstop question
  110. Swiss Arms rifles...
  111. Magazine Prices
  112. Firearms Outlet Online
  113. Winchester 1894 'City of Toronto''
  114. Pre 64 winchesters
  115. Frustrated :(
  116. Any idea how well CSA follows through on their warranty for the VZ-58?
  117. Need 44 Mag options, please.
  118. Browning Hi power(mk3) vs 1911 and.... Go!
  119. AR parts
  120. Does Bullet Shape Influence Accuracy?
  121. Shotgun or Revolver??? (Mossberg 590a1 or s&w 686p)
  122. Would you??? COLT PYTHON for $3700???
  123. So when is the ammo shortage gonna start?
  124. So I bought a "shoulder thing that goes up"...
  125. Ar10 to ar15 handguard
  126. Calgary: Canadian Tire Deerfoot City - Oct 20
  127. Could have had everything taken...
  128. Novice needs help choosing a rifle to learn on, for home defense, and for SHTF/Bugout
  129. No Handguns at Bass Pro
  130. Safe storage: Fishing boat
  131. The pistol of experts
  132. Looking for a Ruger 22/45 lite
  133. New .308 Based Cartridge Ė The 375 RAPTOR
  134. Mauser M94 Carbine
  135. Seraphim Tactical Shotguns are here!
  136. When the ol' lady's shopping at Value Village
  137. Please Help Choose First Non Restricted Gun
  138. Ontario Safety Course return times from CFO
  139. globe arms enfield 303
  140. Dummy rounds from as many calibers as possible
  141. Dummy round traders group - get all calibers!
  142. US Election: - Canadian Gun and Ammunition Supply + Value
  143. Brownells now selling firearms
  144. New Shooters with Arthritis
  145. Will an AR scope work for a hunting rifle?
  146. Tracer rounds
  147. Ever get a hard time due to being a gun owner?
  148. A couple .223 toys
  149. poll. help me decide on a cartridge for my savage 99 build
  150. Need help Brightening up old Iron sights
  151. Gun Shows From the Other Side of the Table.
  152. Heavy Barrel for Howa 1500 (or weatherby Vanguard?)
  153. Black Friday deals!
  154. Looking for a price
  155. Restricted Purchase
  156. Any Black Friday Home Runs?
  157. Has anyone ever dealt with AstorArms.ca?
  158. Any holster freaks here?
  159. Which Clip Loading Rilfe To Get?
  160. First Look at the Henry Repeating Arms Long-Ranger
  161. Post your dream.
  162. Field Test: Five Big-Game *Bullets
  163. Christmas target gift from Seraphim Armoury
  164. BC Restricted Transfer Time
  165. Good places to shoot in Southern BC (non-range)
  166. 8 mm rem mag
  167. Shot My First IPSC Match Today....
  168. Need estimates on WW2 guns
  169. Need help valuing a shotgun
  170. New PAL applicants in Ontario may want to read this.
  171. Safety training, mandatory or not, you tell me
  172. Looking for magazine blueprints 7.62x39
  173. Scope Mounting
  174. Savage model 99eg, 358, price?
  175. Mossberg collectors
  176. Shot Show 2017
  177. Favorite muzzle brake
  178. Deaths from opioids outpace deaths from guns per year in US
  179. Poll- Where did you learn firearm safety?
  180. Calgary area: range membership or Crown land?
  181. Gun silencer ban modified in ACT after government staff break law
  182. New gun control group
  183. New bucket list entry
  184. 22 or 17 HMR?
  185. Why US liberals are now buying guns too By Brian Wheeler BBC News, Washington DC
  186. Merry Xmas to all
  187. Cops Seize Keychain Gun
  188. Shipping Guns 'N Ammo
  189. Attempt to talk me out of something!
  190. Did any of you pin your 10/22 mags?
  191. Homemade 12ga....hmmm
  192. Options for a muzzle brake on a 308
  193. 22 wm
  194. 2017 To Buy Lists?
  195. Anyone else sick of "tactical" stuff in the gun world?
  196. Selling used guns privately or to local retailers?
  197. Just one in five American gun buyers avoid a state or federal background check
  198. What is needed for restricted ownership
  199. How many feet per second?
  200. Moving firearms into USA
  201. How Japan has almost eradicated gun crime
  202. First range day EVER - Updated!
  203. ACR DMR: What optics? Grip?
  204. JR Carbine in 9mm
  205. Grooves on gas pistons
  206. South Central Ontario Shooters Wanted.
  207. Fairbairn Sykes instinctive shooting still relevant?
  208. What to expect.
  209. XCR-M users and surplus 308?
  210. TI and the Type 81..
  211. Ring Height Advise Please
  212. Which rifle to buy?
  213. French "WONDER BULLET" Shotgun Slug
  214. Gun Club Orientation Course????
  215. Restricted vs non-Restircted PAL owners
  216. Amputee Shooter - 2017 thread! Branding and new logos!
  217. Combination bayonet silencer
  218. I think my collection is complete.
  219. .223/5.56 same different?
  220. Gun Rust - what was your moment?
  221. Values on old rifles/shotguns
  222. First Firearm Purchase Of 2017
  223. Mike Rowe: SHOT Show
  224. The Keefe Report: Go Small or Go Homeó22 Nosler
  225. RCMP just sent me another license
  226. Marlin Revives the Model 444 ???
  227. New For 2017 From Henry
  228. Fightlite Industries: Shot Show 2017
  229. CZ 858 value.
  230. GOC I need your help/opinions/advice on a custom AR build
  231. Overheard gun-friendly conversation including police at Toronto MEC
  232. Got pulled over by the RCMP
  233. Seraphim has your Valentines day covered...
  234. Cold Lake Gun Stores?
  235. inherited rifle preservation
  236. The Shooting Edge or The Calgary Shooting Centre....Which One?
  237. Dimitri Karras vs the ATF(80% lowers)
  238. So.. pickin up a cooey tomorrow..
  239. Marlin 336 30-30 Tight Spot in Barrel - Options?
  240. Looking for a Leg Holster
  241. Overnight stays in hotel with restricted gun.
  242. Firearm registration office closed
  243. .22 Target Pistols
  244. dlask 10/22 80% receiver drill jig
  245. Choices for a 9mm carbine
  246. Garage Mancave suggestions?
  247. Picked Up An SKS At Canadian Tire Today
  248. So close....
  249. 10 shot magazines. What's the deal?
  250. Aztec Armory