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  1. Gun events
  2. Pal upgrade without extra paper work.
  3. Multiple clubs?
  4. Awaiting New Rifle!
  5. First time buyer
  6. Could it be I'm a Fudd?
  7. Looks like GOC gained another full time member from CGN
  8. Interesting official stance on firearm from Mad Max
  9. Where the heck to I find Alberta crown land maps?
  10. Savage 99 Mystery Number
  11. Thoughts on starting a Gun Shop in 2017
  12. magnum loads
  13. Don't you wish it was all like this?
  14. wtf is with glock prices in stores these days?
  15. H.Burgsmuller & Sohne Rifles.
  16. Upcoming Gun Auction
  17. What Happened Here???
  18. Cheapest non-restricted PAL training in Calgary?
  19. Range Time Down Under
  20. Irungun , bad experience.
  21. Loyalist Shooting Ranges and Club, Brockville ON
  22. New video supporting the 2A
  23. MURICA! This is How it's Done!
  24. 'The Long Shot,' a good article about Rob Furlong
  25. Provost Gun Show March 4&5, 2017
  26. Firearm license for international students?
  27. Ammunition strong boxes
  28. Cross border ammunition purchase as Dual-Resident
  29. Next Gun Room Thoughts
  30. US/Canada Dual Resident - what was your strategy. ..
  31. This is our donation to a local Rod & Gun club
  32. Bullet Casting: A Little Help Here, Suppliers?
  33. Rifle decisions
  34. International .308 Day!
  35. Conversion kit - worth it?
  36. Where to dispose of used casings!
  37. Japan needs us!
  38. Unintended Consequences
  39. CFSC/CRFSC & Paperwork
  40. Leeter of good conduct for new residents ??? To get firearm license
  41. ATTN: CFSC Instructors in Grande Prairie, AB
  42. Baikal IZH-94
  43. ATF declares AR-15 and AK-style rifles 'standard for hunting activities'
  44. NE Edmonton Police involved shooting
  45. Firearm Parts and US Protectionism and Isolationism.
  46. Fishing, hunting licences among fees going up in Sask.
  47. Target Shooting Private Land
  48. PTRD-41
  49. What type of gun laws would you like to impose if you become a prime minister?
  50. North Tactical Supply Co.
  51. Browning experts needed
  52. finally a bullet cam
  53. walther ppq recall accidental discharges with safety on.
  54. Thoughts on Howa rifles? I'm thinking of getting one.
  55. Value of Remington 700ML ???
  56. Getting Started in Toronto?
  57. All the chips fall into place...
  58. Numrich shipping to Canada again
  59. The Shiners will be getting a gun
  60. Firearms Technology and the Original Meaning of the Second Amendment
  61. Firearm Valuations
  62. .22 TCM Canadian Availability
  63. Joined a shooting club today.
  64. Gun Ranges Around London Ontario
  65. Thank you GOC members!
  66. Backdoor Gun registry....tabled by liberals today
  67. Decided on my first Pistol and firearm, now where to buy it?
  68. Medical cannabis / marijuana and firearms license
  69. Bad Experience/Lots of Frustration --Lanz shooting supplies
  70. Steeltargets.ca, legit?
  71. Anyone else tired of firearms constantly being nerfed with "safety" features?
  72. Earmuffs and glasses problem
  73. Love the gun but the sights.... meh.
  74. Modern controlled feed rifles?
  75. Feeling discouraged about owning a Lee-Enfield due to .303 pricing and availability...
  76. cases
  77. Winnipeg Trap and Skeet Junior Program 2017
  78. First day at a Range Safety Course
  79. Firearm Storage in truck cab, opinions | Cannot Store them in my home
  80. I wanna do THIS!
  81. DuraCoat? Cerakote? Arma-Coat?
  82. So, you just bought a new gun. What's next???
  83. Mossberg Blaze .22 or Ruger 10/22
  84. SKS Failure
  85. Getting better with longer ranges!
  86. NRCAN on Reactive Targets and Shooters Behaving Poorly
  87. Range rabbit
  88. How many ATC's
  89. 25% Mail in rebate for Bushnell
  90. powder sale at wholesale sports
  91. Derya MK12 vs Typhoon F12
  92. HELP!! What are the normall BC restricted firearms transfer times?? (new owner)
  93. PPK 9mm carbine?
  94. Dilemma... Which 9mm to keep!
  95. Price Check *updated pics added*
  96. What Are Your Favorite Handgun Cartridges and Why?
  97. Does anyone know.....
  98. Ruger 10/22 shoots all ammo well?
  99. Does anyone know of a Canadian Seller of Beretta M9A1 22cal.
  100. Kel tec accessories (BC)
  101. Ammunition concentricity and accuracy: Testing the effect of run-out on precision
  102. NEW gun owner. Looking for a place to shoot.
  103. Anahim Lake, BC
  104. Ammo (12 gauge slugs)
  105. Shout out to Calgary AHEIA shotgun facility
  106. Is it just me or does it seem like the US Gun manufacturers Don't want Canadians to buy their guns.
  107. Vancouver man dies after accidentally shooting himself at target range
  108. your opinions about " concealed carry "
  109. Canadian gun rights ? Future gun laws ?
  110. Looking for a good butt plate for a Winchester 94
  111. Important Notice - 80 % GSG15 & PAR Lowers
  112. Looking for X95 - Who has them on Sale?
  114. WOAH! Facebook + NEA+ SFRC = Membership Surge?!
  115. An Auction I suggest to check out.
  116. New 1,000 yard Range in Ontario
  117. So I picked this up today...
  118. Looking for an antique percussion pistol... where?
  119. PAL & RPAL application references.
  120. Small Caliber Rifle Range
  121. RPAL Renewal
  122. 80% Lower Registration Experience
  123. Binary Explosives banned at the local range
  124. Help! my firearms are defective! what is wrong?
  125. Advice Needed on gun lock
  126. Might have "lost" a Luger to the smelter
  127. Small win for California gun owners- Federal judge blocks California law that bans magazines holding more than 10 bullets
  128. What option do I have with a bolt that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  129. M&P 15-22 sport - Any good?
  130. Ordering From Brownell's
  131. What happened to DIYgunkits?
  132. Blue Wolf Firearms
  133. NE Edm Shots fired & Jeep wrecked
  134. NRA telling it how it is...and the liberals don't like it
  135. Since its the 4th of July....
  136. This is why I shouldn't have nice things....
  137. Good application of common sense in the courts (US)
  138. US : Lawmakers introduce SHUSH Act to classify suppressors as gun accessory
  139. Video of Jeff Cooper
  140. Grouse River has closed operations
  141. PAL Instructing Here I Come
  142. Worst firearms instructor ever
  143. What first gun to get
  144. Just like hotsauce....guns aren't for everyone
  145. Good starter kit for weapon cleaning and maintain + quesitons
  146. Is there any pre-cleaned SKS out there to buy or any ideas on my particular situation
  147. Terminal Ballistics
  148. Enjoying Colion Noir's stuff
  149. How long are the legs on my '06?
  150. Triggertech Recall
  151. Standard capacity sized LAR pistol mags
  152. Has anybody dealt with gun dealer ZEFARM?
  153. New member and first post.
  154. Are there any no restricted lowers to fit an Ar 15 upper?
  155. Anyone know of CSSA Class Action update?
  156. Slings
  157. 2nd AR build
  158. Gun Shows & What to expect.
  159. Hand gun mods
  160. Disney World For Firearms Enthusiasts
  161. Price check a used gun:
  162. Range Closed due to Fire Hazard?
  163. CPC's new firearms policy - What is their stance on mag capacity?
  164. A piston operated 300 blk AR
  165. Old/Obscure Cartridges You Love
  166. How long does it take before you can check PAL status?
  167. Storage Room - G13-01 Secure Storage Rooms
  168. Book: ABC's of Rifle Shooting
  169. Women need to shoot small revolvers!
  170. Any one use the norinco m14?
  171. How to Destroy a Country - Starter Pack
  172. Buying factory match vs reloading? The numbers may surprise you...
  173. 7 Shooters You Know
  174. Opinion: The .30-06 Sucks
  175. AR15 noob here needs advice
  176. BREAKING: 7.62mm Rifle to REPLACE M4 Carbine – Interim Combat Service Rifle Solicitation Released by US Army
  177. Recoil: 7.62x54R vs 30-06
  178. Dealers in Montreal To Sell Fireams
  179. Armor plates from the US
  180. CFSC Instructors, got a question for you
  181. Gun Owners of Canada Feature Updated - Upload pictures from your computer
  182. Boba Fett in the making...
  183. VA Gov. McAuliffe: Militia Had Better Guns Than the Police! And . . .
  184. Dr. Deals...
  185. Looking for opinions please.
  186. 2 3/4 vs 3" vs 3 1/2" 12 Gauge Slugs
  187. Hatsan Shotguns
  188. YouTube Excludes Gun Control Channels from Censorship
  189. Shooting BB guns in your backyard
  190. Need help finding parts!
  191. 270 Win
  192. Kalashnikov ‘Smart Turret’ Brings Skynet One Step Closer
  193. A-Zoom Snap Caps - Issues arising
  194. Taking Israeli rifles to the US (Form 6NIA)
  195. gun magazine in London Drugs
  196. Job Op: Firearms Internet Investigator
  197. Restricted Transfer times Ontario
  198. Barnaul Ammo
  199. What North Korea is really doing
  200. HK HEAD FIRED: Heckler & Koch Chair and CEO Norbert Scheuch Forced Out
  201. Kel-Tec SU-16
  202. Expanding our activities
  203. Just in case you missed it ......
  204. Name that tool
  205. How to teach kids to be discreet with gun ownership
  206. Suggestions on a decent plate carrier
  207. Looking for a good quality safe
  208. Best rifle action design, Mosin vs Enfield vs Mauser?
  209. A fun Saturday afternoon - Mrs. Gunslinger and her rifles.
  210. It isn't april 1st so this is a real news story?
  211. The POSITIVE Police thread
  212. Cartridge Showdown: The 30-’06 — Awesome or Awful?
  213. Gunstore run around
  214. Need help to identify a ww2 firearms.
  215. This week's Good Guy with a Gun
  216. Snipers from around the world to compete at CFB Gagetown
  217. Do you know about this?
  218. colt billboard
  219. Norinco type 54
  220. Flying with firearms to the US - Westjet
  221. Port Coquitlam Fish and Game Club
  222. Well guys... the waiting is almost done!
  223. BRG Annual Open House - Sept 30th
  224. Order held at customs..umm what next?
  225. Vicious rumor...? WSS closing down
  226. What Firearm Do You Regret Selling?
  227. Recent experience with True North Arms
  228. Is this price fair for a Tapco SKS?
  229. What exactly does a gun sock do?
  230. Lost a rifle.....
  231. Silicon moisture absorption packs for a gun safe?
  232. Good Safety Pracices
  233. Looking for a new 9mm Pistol. Are 9mm 1911s any good?
  234. What's the difference between Vortex models?
  235. ITAR roll back...
  236. Ar15 Gas System
  237. Taking newbs to the range.
  238. Hornady .308 Win 168 Grain A-Max Ammo Experience
  239. Chicago Gun Control Activist Gets Gun, Says Her Community’s Too Dangerous to Live Without One
  240. How not to clear an open bolt weapon system
  241. Do you shoot trap?
  242. New Tavor X95 owners: A quick video for you
  244. Question (s)
  245. stupid used gun....
  246. This Is One of the Worst Hunting Accidents We’ve Seen
  247. Is OTIS CLP enough?
  248. H.L Mencken on Gun Control
  249. Who Can Own a Full-Auto Machine Gun? (USA)
  250. How much is your firearms worth?