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  1. Upland Bird Soup
  2. Baked salmon & peppers
  3. The Offical Nachos Thread!
  4. Pizza!
  5. Beer Can Chicken
  6. Baked Beans by Sealhunter
  7. Fish and Brewis
  8. Newfoundland Flipper Pie
  9. Tried and true favourites out of my own cookbook guys...
  10. Gatherer's Granola Bars
  11. The Hamburger
  12. My pizza
  13. Steelhead and Asparagus with Orange Cranberry Vinaigrette salad
  14. Roasted rack of lamb
  15. Oh, WOW!!!
  16. Devilled Eggs
  17. Jambalaya
  18. Scalloped potatoes Au Gratin
  19. For Forbes - Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Breast
  20. Bananas Foster
  21. Bachelor's Chicken Thighs
  22. Fish-n-Chips
  23. Baked Pineapple Ham with Pan Fried Potato Wedges
  24. Country Fried Steak
  25. Hummus
  26. 7 Layer Salad
  27. Sweet & Spicy Coleslaw
  28. PB & Bacon Cookies
  29. Basic Chili
  30. Southwest Slow Cooker Chickem
  31. Cook to Bang
  32. Superbrad's Ultimate Beef Jerky
  33. Buffalo wings
  34. Parmesan Rosemary Biscuits
  35. Maple Smoked & Glazed Wild Turkey
  36. Jwire's Pizza
  37. Drache's Sweet and Sour Meatballs
  38. Breaded Pork Chops and Home Made Apple Sauce
  39. bovineswine burger
  40. Broccoli!!!!! Don't worry, this is about as bad as broccoli gets! My broccoli salad........
  41. Strawberry Shortcake/Spongecake With A Twist!!! What? Nobody like deserts?
  42. Taco Seasoning
  43. Bachelors... Cook for yourself / impress a lady..... Couscous with shrimp...
  44. Yes, bachelors CAN cook...
  45. CC's Daiquiris
  46. Bachelors 2 - The Sequel, Onion chicken with twice baked potatoes and lemon pepper beans
  47. Potted Cheese
  48. Bachelor cooking III - Let's get Domestic.. :)
  49. Raspberry Sour Cream Pie
  50. Bacon Bomb and Bannock recipies.
  51. Ar180shooter's super duper chili
  52. Lemon pepper salmon
  53. Hamburger...FlyingHigh style.
  54. looking for Pikerel/ walleye recipes
  55. Looking for ideas for ducks and geese
  56. Ever eat these?...(Mushrooms)
  57. Making BACON
  58. Anyone eat bear?
  59. Deer chop hurry
  60. clean and prepping a goose
  61. Smoked ribs
  62. The official GOC jerky recipes thread - post em up !
  63. Biltong. (South African Jerky)
  64. Meat Banana.
  65. Bacon Marmalade
  66. Superbrad's Superbowl Baked Beans
  67. Super easy Pork and Cucumber Stir-fry from scratch
  68. Korean Style Beef Noodle Bowl
  69. Just finished my Chili , now its simmering on the wood stove
  70. Home made 2 cheese, 3 meat pizza - with pics. Good stuff !!!
  71. Hot Christie SUB !!
  72. Simple/Quick Bleu Cheese Chicken Pizza
  73. I Just lost over 11 pounds so I think I deserve this!
  74. Cowboys special stuffed mushroom caps
  75. Home made country scramble
  76. Jamaican Jerk Pork Tenderloin
  77. Brown Sugar Spare Ribs
  78. Haluski
  79. Ever wake up and feel like you're frozen in carbonite?
  80. Asphalt Cowboys shootem up Pizza
  81. Looking for a soup recipe
  82. Fire n Ice Chili
  83. Ramps
  84. Easiest Bread Ever- and really tasty!
  85. Soft Pretzels
  86. Krupnik (honey vodka)-- for the love of all that is good in this world, you have to make this
  87. Homemade Corndogs
  88. Pickled Eggs
  89. Crockpot Pulled Pork
  90. Searching for a hare recipe
  91. Makin' Bacon....
  92. does anyone else can??
  93. Roasted Beaver
  94. Chicken Bacon Lasagna Rolls, or Sabrero's Poulet Nera
  95. Bacon Corn Bread...a tribute to Vertigo. Even hunchbacks need to eat.
  96. Venison Stew I
  97. Deer stew (old school/euro style) North Croatian Deer Goulash
  98. Bacon Explosion! Warning! This could reduce life expectancy.
  99. Double bacon backstrap
  100. Freezer Paper Alone?
  101. -making chili today ..cowboy style
  102. Deer Sausage, no artificial ingredients?
  103. Brownie in a cup
  104. Brownies?!
  105. Bacon bread
  106. Jerky came out a bit too dry... any way to "save" it?
  107. BLT Dip
  108. Sausages and Baconized Sauerkraut sandwich
  109. Cajun Sausage Scramble
  110. Moroccan Ground Lamb Skewers
  111. Breakfast Wraps My Way
  112. Yonanas - the best invention in history
  113. Bacon Recipe's Post them if ya got em
  114. First time sausage making
  115. Mushroom sauce for burgers
  116. My First Wild Turkey
  117. 2014 Grilling Season
  118. *update no I didn't die*I ate raw chicken and I'm still alive. :P
  119. Spaghetti and dogs.
  120. How to make an *Actual* Grilled cheese sandwich
  121. What's For Dinner Thread?
  122. who has the BEST clam chowder recipe
  123. Baked Potato Soup
  124. Slow cooked gourmet Beef Stroganoff (not Kosher)
  125. Chocolate ribs
  126. Slow cooked pork roast
  127. Sauerbraten, anyone?
  128. Carving Turkeys: You've Been Doing it Wrong
  129. Kraft Dinner
  130. B-Day treat
  131. Daily Diet and Exercise Journal.
  132. Baking Powder Biscuits
  133. How to quickly peel a boiled egg
  134. Smoking meats and sausage
  135. The War on Wheat
  136. Bacon Butties
  137. what's your favourite alcohol and food pairing?
  138. Does anybody make alcohol?
  139. People From Around the World Next to the Amount of Food They Eat Each Day
  140. Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Cream Cheese Icing
  141. Bacon Drama
  142. Kraft Dinner to remove synthetic colours from macaroni and cheese
  143. Worst meat purchase.
  144. Beer Can Bacon Burgers...
  145. Bison recipes
  146. Ash Cakes
  147. Different styles for hotdogs
  148. A whole ton of recipes with pictures!
  149. Favourite beer?
  150. Strawberry Jam Recipes?
  151. New batch of sausage.
  152. Ribs on the new kamado
  153. Yayy It's Raining! - CC's Mulligitawny Soup!
  154. It's a chili day in Edmonton
  155. It's a chili day in Manitoba, too.
  156. Three Adventurous Deer Sausage Recipes
  157. For All The Succeesful Moose Hunters
  158. Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon
  159. What happened to all the Garlic Chip Dip in Canada?!?!
  160. Brining The Turkey??
  161. Home smoked bacon
  162. Hot Peppers for Health & Happiness
  163. CampMaid Dutch Oven.
  164. Freezer will be full again
  165. Sausage making supplies, whooo.
  166. Homemade Apple Pie Moonshine
  167. Post your Grizzly Bear recipe!! Or how it was served.
  168. Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Wild Turkey
  169. This is gonna hurt later
  170. 20 Lost Recipes From The Pioneers
  171. Moose Moufle Spup
  172. Awesome Meatloaf W/ Bacon
  173. Rolled a big fatty and smoked it
  174. Ribs for supper
  175. New smoker.
  176. Rolled another fatty and smoked it
  177. Smoked baked beans on a gas grill
  178. Lamb leg roast
  179. Home grown pekin ducks. What do I do with them?
  180. Plum Cake
  181. Crock Pot Duck
  182. Home Made VOC's
  183. Bacon.... This Time NOPE
  184. Ginger Beer
  185. Taco Toppings
  186. Rabbit Stew the smell cooking is incredible.
  187. Grilled/Fried Cheese
  188. Deer sausage in the future.
  189. Moose roast
  190. The Shooter's Sandwich
  191. Wild Game Poutine & Burgers (w/Carey Price and Martin Picard)
  192. What's for dinner?
  193. Lunch, Dinner, Supper
  194. Deer Heart
  195. Venison stew. So Good!
  196. Euphoric Wings
  197. Instant pot slow cooker
  198. Where does one find full sticks of Hard salami
  199. I was left alone for the evening...
  200. Layered Flat Bread Pizza To Die For
  201. Deep Fried Strip Steak by Cowboy Kent Rollins
  202. Seal and porcupine!
  203. First smoke of the year
  204. First attempt at candied Salmon
  205. First Big Q
  206. Homemade Pizza
  207. Homemade Chicken Sandwich
  208. Frozen Pizza Enhance
  209. -inventor-of-hawaiian-pizza-dies
  210. Got bread?
  211. Bacon Onion Rings by the BBQ Pit Boys
  212. Thinking about making some Yogi Jerky in the fall
  213. Cambodian style pork chop with green papaya and beef jerky salad
  214. Grilled Cheese
  215. Let's get spooky 👻
  216. Another find at the acreage
  217. Left over BBQ? Smoked Turkey Bánh mì to the rescue!
  218. Cooking Thermometer Review Thermo Pro TP-20
  219. Gameday Smoked Bacon Super Sandwich!!!
  220. Smoky Beerlicious Prime Rib Burgers by Bradley Smoker
  221. Club house smoked sea salt
  222. Chicken Parmesan
  223. Pickled Avocado!?
  224. Bacon wrapped corn
  225. Beer can chicken done on the smoker.
  226. Homemade Ham Brined and smoked on hickory
  227. Simple steak trick turns any cut into incredibly tender “poor man’s filet mignon”
  228. Making Bacon
  229. Favorite short ribs
  230. Homemade Garlic Sausage
  231. Ribs a plenty
  232. Moose ribs with a new recipe
  233. Heart Attack Burgers
  234. Wings....
  235. Making Jam without Pectin (version w/o sugar as well)
  236. EIA - EE Sports Bar - Anybody like it?
  237. Cooking different
  238. Pigs head cooking - limited information
  239. Interesting "Life Hack" meat on a stick
  240. TIKI!!!
  241. Hot Stuff
  242. Saturday morning cooking in Cowtown
  243. So who likes clam chowder?
  244. Short ribs
  245. Tag Soup
  246. Cola for reducing “gamey” taste?
  247. Oktoberfest Sausage with FLIR
  248. Gift to self
  249. Post pictures of your Smoke House
  250. Mud Bug Feast........