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  1. Unregistered Restricted, what to do if you find grandpa's pistol!
  2. Truth about Slide Fire Stocks
  3. Truth about Tannerite
  4. Official Press release from RCMP on the Long Gun registry
  5. Bill C-19 - The actual bill, as passed by the government
  6. Legal obligation for selling a Non Restricted Firearm
  7. Form a religious society to protect property (i.e. Gun Ownership) rights?
  8. RCMP's Official response concerning registration of non-restricted firearms in Quebec after the LGR injunction
  9. Which Dealer Is Gonna Step Up, And Challenge The CFO On The Ledger System?
  10. Vic Toews responds to recent CFO attempts
  11. Ontario CFO disregards latest letter from Vic Toews!!
  12. Alberta's Solicitor General's View on Provincial Registries
  13. The 'ledger' provision
  14. Body Armour Provincial Laws
  15. RCMP Unilaterally Declare Integral and Essential Part of a Non-Restricted 22 a Prohibited Device
  16. Magazine Laws in Canada
  17. Links for all your CFC/CFP questions and legal documents
  18. But you register your car...
  19. Norinco Type-97
  20. Firearms permit
  21. Is There a Limit on Number of Firearms a Canadian Can Own and Shoot?
  22. Cops caught individual vandalizing wifes car...
  23. Microsoft Code of Conduct
  24. Question ? My friend says he can buy ammunition but he is a minor
  25. Range Building Experience
  26. Brownells ITAR licensed manufacturers (Oct 1st, 2012)
  27. Buying a su-16 pistol grip from the US
  28. Building a legally acceptable gun storage room
  29. possession only license...
  30. Regulations Amending the Firearms Marking Regulations
  31. CFC E-Services
  32. Dealing with CFO - opinions wanted
  33. Is their a list some where of Canadian registered firearms dealers and gunsmiths?
  34. Current Non-Restricted Semi-Auto Rifle List?
  35. Just a little legal info I found - Interesting read.
  36. Quebec residents buying NR firearms out of province
  37. Tannerite from Bass Pro??
  38. Pondering the legalities of shortening a barrel.
  39. Shooting On/Over a Frozen Lake
  40. Firearm legal defence insurance
  41. Legal 30rd Mags for Semi Autos, Possible Loophole?
  42. Fricken Laser Beams? Who Knows the Laws?
  43. Call to Action from CSSA
  44. Is This a Possibility?
  45. Mandatory Club Level Safety Course
  46. Silvercore Gun Club?
  47. Forming a new club
  48. Who Takes their Guns to the States?
  49. Petition against Quebec registry
  50. RCMP Officers don't need a PAL...
  51. Legality of Ten Round LAR Mags
  52. Vehicle mounted weapon system
  53. Underground personal ranges?
  54. ATT and invitation question
  55. Permanent move with Restricted. What to expect?
  56. Magazine Limits and the Law
  57. What do I need when out with my Non-Res.
  58. Shotgun Mag Limit
  59. What can I shoot?
  60. Who to Call for Random Questions
  61. Will my friend get PAL rejected
  62. Bringing home empty shells.
  63. 1 st time for everything.
  64. Question about Brownells purchase
  65. Haha - Showed the Alberta CFO I Get What Want.
  66. Importing from Greece
  67. Open Carry Law - U.S.
  68. FN SCAR 16S & 17S
  69. Debating starting a business - to sell ammo and firearms in the Yukon. Advise?
  70. Reloading and your Insurance.
  71. Ammo Group Buys
  72. Importing Ammo for Personal Use From US
  73. Plinking in Nova Scotia
  74. Too young to shoot?!
  75. Alberta's flood got me thinking(evacuations & restricteds)
  76. Legally Bringing Shotgun Into States for Protection Against Wildlife - How To?
  77. Self pinning 30 rnd magazines
  78. Overnight travelling with Restricteds
  79. Out of province ATT
  80. Quess the RCMP got away with it AKA High River Alberta Gun Grab
  81. Transporting a rifle or rifles on a bike?
  82. Telescoping Batons - legal or not?
  83. Starting a Firearms Religion
  84. When does an "Antique" become "restricted"?
  85. Remanufacturing A Barrel
  86. Magazine Laws
  87. Before I call the CFC.
  88. Importing Brass?
  89. Always Keep A Copy Of The Law! XCR Seized.
  90. Legal council or guidance
  91. Homemade Firearms
  92. Quebec Long Gun Registry finally dead??
  93. U.S. laws
  94. Self Defense laws
  95. Range Safety Questions
  96. Rights of CO/NRO's towards your firearm.
  97. POL Expiring
  98. Notice of Transfer - What Is It Good For? (Don't Answer that)
  99. Traveling to the US
  100. Have you been interviewed by RCMP on behalf of a PAL applicant?
  101. Almost 11 round mags?
  102. what are the chances ATT question
  103. Tips For Canadian Citizens On How To Survive An Encounter With The RCMP
  104. Open Question.....Is GOC Membership for PAL holders only?
  105. From Canada? Seriously? Eh?
  106. Just want to share
  107. Bullpup Laws
  108. Calgary Knife Bylaw
  109. Recording your pal with non restricted sales
  111. Shooting on my own property in Abbotsford, help!
  112. The Return of Property Seized by the Police
  113. Is it illegal to keep ammunition in your magazine?
  114. $ Limits on sales to the US.
  115. About to Change Address...Should I Wait to Send RPAL Application ?
  116. Best way to get a magazine from the States without offending the government (on either side)
  117. Best way to get a magazine from the States without offending the government (on either side)
  118. Re: Questioning the Supreme Court of Canada
  119. Your Canada, Your Constitution
  120. Maintaining Information on Law-abiding Citizens on CPIC Serves No Legitimate Purpose
  121. Improper Storage of Ammo ?
  122. The Right to Self Defense
  123. Transporting a Pump Shotgun No Barrel...?
  124. The Firearms Act: Discretionary Powers
  125. Repealed Sections of Criminal Code Re: Sustenance Hunting?
  126. Question regarding redefining Sections of the Criminal Code
  127. Is it legal to put a butt stock on a handgun in Canada
  128. So what's wrong with the .25 and .32
  129. 7 Overlooked Firearm Ownership Items
  130. Garage storage
  131. Tips for "Standing" ATT in Ontario?
  132. LTATT Info Please...
  133. What are the CFO's limitations during an "inspection"?
  134. retailers recording propellant powder
  135. Camping and visiting the range for a weekend - ATT
  136. Renewal question anybody ?
  137. Rebarrling and classifying help
  138. Magazine Repair Kits
  139. My Honour's Thesis on the LGR
  140. Registration Certificate Question
  141. Ammo Storage?
  142. Ordering parts from the US
  143. Licence to posses ammunition?
  144. LT ATT No Longer Valid For Trips to Gunsmith Upon Renewal
  145. Got checked out by the RC's at the gun show today
  146. Definition of "premises"
  147. Ontario Court of Appeal
  148. lost firearm
  149. Is it legal to import a holster and belt?
  150. Old study but very interesting!
  151. Anyone ever had a CFO/RCMP home inspection scheduled?
  152. Time to watch this again.
  153. How do I become a CFSC Instructor?
  154. Transporting restricted and non restricted
  155. License-lapse convictions
  156. Expired FAC to PAL question
  157. Marlin 336Y barrel length?
  158. Ruger 10/22 25rd mags?
  159. Ultimate of all Lameness
  160. Ontario LATT
  161. Magazine capacities
  162. Would This Be Considered Concealed ? ESEE Junglas on 5.11 Rush 72
  163. Alberta Specific Laws?
  164. Firearms Classification - What Could Be More Understandable?
  165. Safe Storage for Home Protection - Rural
  166. Pistol transport question.
  167. m16 auto sear
  168. "Inherited" prohibited firearms question.
  169. CFO's immune to prosecution for disregarding a court order
  170. The **OFFICIAL** July 23rd Government/Legal Announcment Thread
  171. Let's talk about supressors
  172. Hotels and Transporting Firearms
  173. C-68 Firearms Control Design Failures
  174. Amnesty Extension Confusion
  175. Needing some help
  176. Legal or not Wilson combat Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake Blast Diverter
  177. Clarification of transporting restricted
  178. Firearms Records Regulations (Classification)
  179. POL Expired...What to do ?
  180. Question ATT and AR type firearm for hunting
  181. Good vid on the absurdity of prohibited knives
  182. Liberals developing evidence-based firearms policy
  183. (p)POL to RPAL
  184. Transportation and Storage
  185. RCMP registration mistake
  186. Sending Brass TO the U.S.
  187. OMG Just When I Thought I Actually Understood the Laws!!
  188. Travelling to the US with firearms- Form 6NIA
  189. Bill C-42 - Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act
  190. Importing Ammo
  191. CRITIQUE OF BILL C-42: The Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act (official PDF release)
  192. CBSA says-
  193. Todd Brown CGOA: "My Research and Opinions on Gun Laws and Outdoor Life" - A Blog
  194. 12(7) prohib question
  195. Myth Or Facts On Guns At Home
  196. Driving ammo to the US
  197. Executor + Firearms?
  198. Is open carry legal in Canada?
  199. Duty of police to protect the public vs charter article 7. Lawyer input requested.
  200. Canada wide ATT?
  201. Question about LOI 9 for fellow Quebecors
  202. Just a question!
  203. legal storage handgun?
  204. Immagrants and PALs
  205. Can police/RCMP search RPal holders house without warrant?
  206. Rental Lease Ban on Guns
  207. From the land of 2A
  208. Renewing License - Divorced?
  209. Ruger 10/22 conversion with HTA 90/22
  210. Buying First Handgun no ATT yet
  211. Posting about ongoing police investigation....
  212. PAL - RPAL question
  213. NFA website blocked.
  214. Knife carriage
  215. ATT Differences Across Canada
  216. Bill C42 - Province not Territory?
  217. Is this true?
  218. 22 rimfire O/A length
  219. Hornady TriPoint Lock Box
  220. FRT openly available... $$
  221. I have a funny question
  222. How do I mail a Restricted Rifle?
  223. Other people defending with your arms
  224. Shooting at night.
  225. 45 Days to process a PAL
  226. transporting non-restricted
  227. How are old bolt action rifles classified? Antiques or firearms?
  228. Widow contacted by Police within 48 hours of husbands passing!
  229. Legal or not?
  230. ATT Question
  231. Shipping restricted firearm
  232. Laws for citizens arrest?
  233. PAL Online Renewal Photo Requirements
  234. Terrorists threatening Canadians on our soil - We need to hold politicians criminally liable for failure to allow citizens to protect themselves (CCW etc)
  235. Concealed Carry Question
  236. Insurance - CSSA vs. NFA vs. OFAH (or equivalent in your province) vs. Firearm Legal Defence?
  237. parts from the US
  238. No more over the phone for reactive targets in Alberta?
  239. bringing a firearm into Canada?
  240. NS DNR wants to restrict ranges to club members only!
  241. New ATT law regarding "Common Sense" firearms changes
  242. Do all firearms require a working "safety" feature in Canada?
  243. No More BB/Airguns in the Backyard???
  244. Acquiring fire arms license with criminal record.
  245. Question about self protection laws in Canada
  246. handgun transfer
  247. A Quebec Registry - Likelihood and Pitfalls?
  248. Transporting Non-Restricted
  249. http://cpic-cipc.ca/index-eng.htm
  250. Importing Accessories